Sequal to Hidden Love!


9. Chapter 9.


 -kali's pov- 

 i got a text; 

 From: Harry.. 

'hey kali.' 

To: Harry.. 

'hey styles.' 

From: Harry.. 

'listen, I need to talk to you..'

To: Harry.. 

'okay, talk..'

From: Harry.. 

'I... love you..' 

 Woah woah WOAH. Back the truck up, did Harry seriously say he loves me? Oh good lord. I don't know how to respond. I texted Bethany for help; 

  To: baabe!(: 

 'dood! come to my room!' 

From: baabe!(: 

 'It's like friggin midnight kali...' 

To: baabe!(: 

'what the fuck, it's 10:30, come now asshole. IT'S SFITYNTCN!'

From: baabe!(:

'holy shit! why didn't you tell me?! i'm coming right now!'

In case you're wondering, 'sfityntcn' is, it's 'so freakin important that you need to come now', we use that when we need each other urgently. 

About a minute later Bethany starts banging on my door and I run to answer it. 

"What's so urgent?" She laid on my bed. 

"Harry said he loved me, and I don't know what to say." I sighed.

 "What the hell? I thought he was Kendall?" Bethany said. 



"Oh.. I didn't know this.." I said, I felt kinda dumb. 

"God damn, i swear that Styles is a man whore, i'm gonna straighten this up, be back in 3 minutes." Bethany just walks out of my room. 

 And sure enough Bethany pounds on my door again in 3 minutes. I got up and opened the door. 

Bethany has Harry by his collar, and he looks scared shitless. 

"Harry? What are you doing here?" I asked while they both came in. 

"Ask bethany!" He shouted. 

"I dragged him here to explain this shit to us." Bethany let go of Harry and sat on the couch, "well? Are you gonna explain Styles?" She stares Harry down. 

 "What do I explain?!" Harry runs his fingers through his curly hair. 

You know Harry is pretty hot. I just love his green eyes, and his hair, his voice, his amazing body... and just him... I love him, I think. He looks so cute standing against the wall, looking all innocent and messing his hair... 

"KALI!" Bethany screamed. 

"Uh hm, what?" I snapped out of whatever that was. 

"Did you hear him?" 

"Hear what?" 

"Harry. He just explained everything, Harry say it again. I have to go, goodnight guys." Bethany walked out, leaving us two. 

"Harry.. I.." 

"Kali, shh. I'm going to explain everything. I've always loved you, since we were like 7. You're an amazing girl, why would I let you go? I mean I know I did, but that was stupid, and now you're back. I love you just so much. I'm not with Kendall, that was for publicity, you're the only girl I want, and love.."

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