Sequal to Hidden Love!


7. Chapter 7.

 -Louis's pov-

 It's been 2 years. 2 years since I've seen Kali, me and the boys are doing alright in our career. Currently, we're making a new album and it's going great so far. Chic, the band Ari, Kali and Bethany are in are doing fantastic. 

 Ariana and Niall broke up a year ago. They just decided it wasn't going to work out I guess. We don't talk to any of the Chic girls anymore, but I mean we know how they are, there the biggest girl band on the planet right now. It's working out really good for them, and i'm glad.

 That morning that I left and when Kali read that note... she left too. The only people she told was the girls and Liam. She didn't say goodbye to anyone , not even Harry. He was so upset by that. We have a song on our album called 'You & I' Harry wrote that when Kali left. No one has seen Kali since, well besides the girls obviously. 

 Right now I believe there on tour, world wide. So I mean their doing pretty good. Tonight, we might even see the girls because their London for a week, and theirs this huuuge premiere they're going to, and we have to too. Lou is here at the flat me and the boys rented, she's picking out clothes and all that good stuff. 

 "Liam you put this collar thing on over that vest. Harry! Put you're belt on right! Oh my goodness, you guys are as bad as Lux." Lou laughs. 

 "Well then." I say putting his hand up to her. 

 "Do you think we'll see the girls?" Harry asks, fixing his belt.

"We're bound to." Liam explains. 

 "Well! Are you guys ready? Pauls outside waiting to put you guys in the limo's." Lou says, typing away on her phone. 

 "I think so. Let's go lads."Zayn walks the door with us following close behind. 

-When they arrive at the premiere-

-Harry's pov- 

 We finally made it to the premiere, and I'm a nervous wreck. My stomach hurts so bad, I'm excited/nervous to see Kali. We get out of the car and we have to go on the red carpet to take pictures like any other time. I don't think the girls are here yet because I don't see them anywhere.

 (Pic above is what we looked like at the premiere.) 

We posed for the flashing cameras. I was trying to smile but I couldn't because I was so nervous. Then we heard a loud yell. 

 "THERE'S CHIC!" A teenage girl yelled from behind us. 

 My face dropped when I turned the direction of Chic to see all of them, they all looked really good. 

 (Ashely Benson as Bethany)

 Wow. Bethany cut her hair really short, from 2 years ago.. 


 (Ariana Grande as herself) 

 Ari looked stunning too. 

 Us boys just stood there until Bethany came up to us. 

 "Hey guys! Long time no see!" She hugs us down the line.  

 "How are you?" Liam asks. 

 "Great! How are you guys?" 

 "Good!" Niall shouts. 

 "So I really hope nothing awkward between you guys, Ari and Kali..." She says. 

 "I hope it wont be awkward either.." Louis agrees. 

 "Yeah, well I better get back to them, see you guys in a bit!" She walks back over to the girls. 

 "Daaaamn. She looks hot!" Louis laughs. 

 We all agree. Then we see someone walk behind them, knowing instantly who it was. 

 (Megan Fox as Kali) 

 "HOLY FUCK SHE LOOKS HOT!" I shout out. Not realizing what I had said, come out loud... the guys starting laughing and I think Ari heard because she was laughing too. 

 "I did not just say that..." I say. 

 "But ya did mate!" Louis pats my shoulder then walks inside. We followed him and then shortly Chic was in there too. 

 -Louis's pov- 

 Ok. Now is my chance, I have to talk to Kali before Harry does. Her and the girls are talking to Miley Cyrus. 

 "Hello girls!" I say excitedly. 

 "Hi Lou!" Kali says and hugs me. 

 "Hey Louis!" Ari shouts and then laughs. 

 "I already said hi." Bethany winks. 

 "Well. Hello Louis, I don't believe we've met? I'm Miley." Miley laughs. 

 "Yeah... I know who you are! I'm Louis Tomlinson." I smiled. 

 "Psh, obviously, who wouldn't know you?" She laughs and then walks off. 

 "She's lovely!" I said laughing. 

 "Yes. But she can be a handful.." Bethany laughs. 

 "So Louis, how are you and the guys?" Kali pulls me aside. 

 "We're great actually! i don't really have to ask you how you guys are doing.. you guys are so big now! I mean a world wide tour?! That's huge!" I shouted. 

 "I know right! It's so unreal." Kali laughs, "so how's Harry doing?" 

 "He's good... after you left he kinda just kept to himself...but i mean he's fine now."

 "Yeah.. I just miss him, like as a friend you know?" 

 "I understand that.." 

 She nodded and then almost as on que Harry walks up.

 "Hello Kali, long time, no see!" He laughs. 

 "Yeah!" She hugs him then they walk off, leaving me to myself.. 

 I watched them laughing, singing, dancing, and just having a great time together. Maybe i'm not the guy for her. But maybe, Harry isn't either...  


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