Sequal to Hidden Love!


10. Chapter 10.


 -Harry's pov- 

It was true, me and the whole kendall jenner thing, it wasn't real. I truly do love Kali, and it's the right time to tell her because I know her and Louis kinda like each other.. 

"Harry, I- I love you too.... but.." She begins, "I don't know if I can handle getting my heart broken again..." she says. 

"I promise you love, it won't." I said, looking into her eyes. 

 -Kali's pov- 

I want to believe Harry but I can't stand getting my heart broken. Maybe we are meant to be together.. 

"Okay, fine.." I say. 

 "Knock Knock." Harry laughs. 

"Oh gosh Styles, Whose there?" I giggle. 


"Marry who?"

"Kali Thompson, will you marry me?" 

"Harry, did you just propose to me?" 

"Yes." He smirks. 

"Oh, well... yes. I will marry you." 

 He kissed me and spun me around. 












 "Holy crap Kali, I haven't heard such a detailed dream!" Bethany, my friend, laughs. 

 "I can't believe you dreamt about the three of us being in a band together!" Ari shouts, while drinking her soda.

 "The weird thing is, I haven't talked to that Harry kid in forever, and I just suddenly have a huge dream about him. But he was pretty hot in my dream.." I laugh. 

 "Oh my gosh, when is our bread gonna be here? I'm fucking starving!" Bethany groans. 

 We all sit down on my couch and wait. 


 The door bell rang and I jumped up to get it. I opened the door and saw someone very familar. 

 "Harry?" I gasped. 

 He was in my dream.


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