Run away

She has been abused by her dad since her mom died last year one day she had enough and ran away while she was running she bumped into Luke Hemmings, will he protect her? Will her dad find her? Read To Find Out

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1. Chapter 1:Meeting Luke

I quickly ran home and sat in my room waiting for my dad I then heard a bang and then my dad stumbled through my door

"I will be right back I'm going to the bathroom" he said and left my room I quickly pulled out my bag I packed yesterday with clothes and hopped out the window I climbed down on the vines I then heard my dad appear on top of my window scaring me I screamed and fell on my ankle i quickly got up and ran and looked at the park I hopped towards it I quickly hid in a bush and waited till he passed me I leaned back and screamed as I fell backwards I hit my head on a tree and kept rolling when I stopped I opened my eyes to see two boys running towards me I blacked out before they could come closer

Luke's Pov:

"How about don't stop?" Michael said choosing a song I nodded and then heard a scream I looked behind us to see a girl falling down the hill and hitting her head on tree we rushed towards her once we got to her.Her eyes were closed we looked at her head to see a scratch that was bleeding pretty bad "what should we do?" He said looking at her " let's take her back to the house so we can fix her up he looked at me and nodded I picked her up bridal style and walked to the house once we got in the house I layed her down on my bed and cleaned the scratch

Clara"s Pov

I looked to my side to see a blonde hair guy with deep blue eyes and a lip peircing he looked at me and smiled "are you feeling better?" He said stroking my hair I nodded and tryed to get out of bed I stepped on my ankle and almost fell but was caught by him "hold on I will get you crutches" he said and left the room a few seconds later he came back with them

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