The Black Wolf

The black wolf... Dark? Evil? Mysterious? Or just missunderstood? Tash Hunter is also missunderstood. People think she is weird, and strange so they avoid her. When Tash can't take the comments behind her back, she runs away, taking refuge in the woods. Then she bumps into the black wolf...


1. Runaway

Tash Hunter was dark girl, mentally as well as physically. She was a beautiful girl, long black hair, dark blue eyes, and a pale white face. She always wore black to school, and everyone assumed she was an emo, or a goth. They made fun of her, claiming she cuts herself, and rips out kittens hearts. All of which was lies. She would never dream of cutting herself, and cats were one of her favourite animals. Shevnloved nature. Sometimes she just wished she could sprout wings, and fly away from the torture. But she could never have the gut to break away from the chains holding her down. Eventually she couldn't take it anymore. That wednesday morning Tash was already upset because her family were on a mental breakdown. As Tash was heading for the changing rooms after a PE lesson she overheard some popular girls having a conversation. Tash wouldn't have have listened in round the corner if she hadn't heard her name mentioned. "That girl Tash Hunter is such a weirdo, I mean did you see her talking to that seagull?" "YeahvI know right! Even the seagull flew away!" The girls burst out laughing as Tash turned the corner looking crossly at the them all. One of the girls laguhed and said "oh, I'm so sorry, NOT!"

Something inside Tash switched at tha point. She didn't feel like her friendly, innocent self anymore. She began groeling uncontrollably. The girls began laughing and one said maturly "what the hell are you doing you total retard!" The girls then began really freaking out. Tash managed to calm herself down a little, but the girks were all running off screaming. Tash said aloud to herself "wow! Was I really that scary?" I went into the changing rooms, and every girl in there began climbing onto the benchs to get away from Tash. By now Tash was so confused. "Oh my gosh girls! What's freaking you all out so much?!" I got my phone out to check the time, and I noticed my face looked a very different. Tash ran towards the mirror in the toilet room. Her mouth hung open in shock. She had fur growing all over her face. Her nose had grown longer, and was now a snout. Whiskers were growing from her cheeks, and two pointy ears were poking out of the top of her head. Tash screamed as she ran out of the changing rooms in shock. She continued to run until she was outside. Even then she proceeded until she was off of school grounds.

Tash bumped into two strangers. She clumg onto them like a mad man shouting "do I look normal to you?!" They both screamed yelling "get off of me!" as thy ran away shouting out for help. Tash burst into tears as she fled into the woods nearby. She ran on until she was really deep in, and the light was blocked out. Here Tash could be alone with her thoughts.  She got her phone out once more to look at her reflection. She looked normal again. No fur, no ehiskers, no long snout, and certainly no pointy ears sticking out of the top of her head. Tash sighed with relief as she put her phone back in her pocket. Tash was thinking about going back to school before the teachers realized she was gone. But then she remembered how she had transformed into some kind of animal in front of all the girls in her class. She would never be able to live that down, she was already a freak of nature as it was. She burst into tears once again as it began to get dark. She knew she was all alone, but some how she couldn't help but feel that she wasn't

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