Love of my life!

19 year old Lindsay has meant the love of her life, although she may be wrong. The young Harry Styles is trying to create great romance and friendship at the same time. They go through rough and soft times together with love and the power of friendship. Will they end up together after all? Read to find out!


1. Love at First Site

Lindsay's POV: It was quiet and dark. I found myself lying down passed out in the city not knowing where I was or what to do. I saw a strange man that looked very familiar. He had brown hair and was about 5'11". It took me a little while to figure out who he was but then a light bulb went on. It was fricken Harry Styles. I jump up and screamed into his ear, squeezing him tightly. " Are you really Harry from one direction?" I squealed nervously. " Why yes I am. And you are?" " I'm single. I mean I'm Lindsay!" I can not believe I just humiliated my self in front of a pop star. "Nice to meat you Lindsay! So how would I like to go get a drink or something?" "YES!" I jumped with excitement as he held my hand down the streets. Is this his way of flirting? Well its totally working! I know you are just like...carrot...well think again. I'm not really a fan of one direction I'm just in love with the fact that Harry is so sexy and adorable.

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