The Goddess of Fire

A goddess, killed in a war. Her throne taken over by one who can't hold it's power without corruption. Now, it's all left to one. She must rise up and fight back before everything is irreversible.


1. Prologue

~~Fire, the very being of it, is a strange thing. It burns and burns to stay alive, it devours land, and sometimes even people. It breathes oxygen, it grows, and it dies. However, it’s not really a living thing. There’s no brain, no instinct, no conscience. Many people fear the idea of fire. Down to the core it seems evil, like there’s no need for it. Maybe they’re right. Or maybe, there’s more to fire than people think. Maybe, it’s there to protect them, to help them.
Some humans use the flame correctly, for light and warmth. Although, most can’t handle its power, it gets out of hand, and many die. It’s tragic that most can’t see its true beauty. For the first fire goddess of many to come after, placed it on earth because she believed the humans were ready. She showed mankind how to light a small flame, and they picked it up from there.
The stories I used to hear of her were magnificent. She had hair of gold, and courage nobody could match. Her eyes blazed a beautiful amber, and her skin reflected light. It was a picture that would never leave my mind.
Then, one day a war was started between the clans. The water and fire clans were allies, while air and earth were enemies. The clans fought many millenniums. Earth and air were tired of being used by fire and water. Each clan had a God or Goddess, but only one clan had one killed.
The stories say the Fire Goddess ordered her troops to leave her to die, after she was stabbed by an air soldier’s sword. The army tried to stay, to save her, but she demanded they leave her and save themselves from certain death.
She died alone, on a bloody field, on top of another body. Her children mourned for months, her husband killed himself. The pain throughout the kingdom was unbearable. In the years of grief, a new leader stepped in. His name was Justlon Dioraro.
The first few years, the fire clan was glad to have a sense of direction. It wasn’t until the beginning of the Justlon War that he was seen as a dictator. Although nobody had the power to take him down. Justlon actually had the power of Fire, and only three people in every clan get the power for every thousand years. Which wouldn’t be that long for immortal beings to wait. However, every time a new child with the potential of The Fire was born, Justlon killed them.
The Fire Clan was in panic and didn’t know what to do. They were in a war against all other clans, and knew they would eventually lose. So they set up a way for Fire Clan members to escape. The other clans would gladly accept all the refugees into their clans.
The Fire Clan members would stow away down a river, then walk for days by night in order to reach a clan. Many chose water, because they had been our ally in the past war. However, very few chose air and only one chose Earth.
I remember that day, it was full of confusion and fear, and I had been separated from my mother, my father, and my grandparents. I had only been six at the time, and I ran to hide from the yelling Fire Clan refugees. They scared me, and I didn’t know what was happening. They all went in separate directions, and I went a way that nobody else went.
I remember the nights of walking on my small clumsy feet. I wore no shoes or socks, and ended up cutting my feet something terrible. There were some nights I thought a predator was following me, so I’d climb up in a tree and wait for the feeling to subside. My emotions were a mess, and I cried once every hour. However, eventually I reached civilization. My happiness was over the top, and tears raced for my small cheeks.
I was taken in by the Earth Clan. When they asked for my name, I lied. I lied because I was Annalisa Fratyr, daughter of Garnet and Yavann Fratyr, Granddaughter of Kileenia Fratyr. Or better known as The Fire Goddess. And I made a vow, I made an oath to myself, that one day I would get the Fire Kingdom back. The Fire Clan to be reunited. I would kill Justlon if it was the last thing I did, because I was destined to be the next Fire Goddess.

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