Just A Passer-By

Sometimes I wonder if a random stranger passing by may one day mean the world to me. A serious relationship starting simply with the sudden connection from two strangers. Love can take years, this is probably because we all start as strangers. It takes some kind of similarity, or a sudden spark to bring two people together. This is exactly how it was for Jemma and Daniel.


4. We Meet Again

Jemma was heading towards her next lesson. She was day dreaming all the way, a hopeful smile across her face. She thought to herself 'maybe I will see him again. I wonder if he will talk to me?' She walked slowly to her lesson, in hopes of catching a quick glimpse of Daniel, but no such luck. As Jemma proceeded into her classroom, she sighed. She gasped as she heard a familiar voice greeting her. "Hello again" Daniel said with a cute smile. Jemma shuddered nervously, as she remembered thinking about him the whole time. She quickly studdered "oh, hu-hello Daniel

As Daniel walked away, Jemma breathed heavily, and tried to calm herself down. She sat down, and about five minutes into the lesson, she had managed to tame her wild heart. But she failed when it came to capturing, and learning to control her crazy thoughts about Daniel. Her brain was set to full power, and all she could think of was Daniels looks, his walk, his way of talking, and how he talked to her. Then she thought for a second, 'I knew Daniel's name, but he never said mine. I guees remembering my face is all that mattered to him'. The teacher embarressed Jemma loads of times, as she was caught constantly day dreaming, or deep in thought. The lesson, went by very quickly, and soon she wason her way to her final short break, before last lesson, which was practical.

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