Just A Passer-By

Sometimes I wonder if a random stranger passing by may one day mean the world to me. A serious relationship starting simply with the sudden connection from two strangers. Love can take years, this is probably because we all start as strangers. It takes some kind of similarity, or a sudden spark to bring two people together. This is exactly how it was for Jemma and Daniel.


2. I'm Sorry...

Jemma was walking by herself back to class after break. She was looking down at the floor, and humming a beautiful tune to herself. Her hair flowed softly down her back, and her eyes concentrated hard on the floor ahead. She was holding onto a pile of books while she walked. She was so busy watching the floor, she failed to watch the path ahead. One minute she was singly silently under her breath, not a care in the world, then the next thing she knew, she found herself in a collision. She hit into something with a hard thud. She collapsed clumsily to the hard floor as she moaned in pain, slightly shocked.


Jemma's eyes remained to the floor, looking at all her books, now cluttering the pathway. She heard a boy speak. "Are you okay?" Jemma dared her eyes to dart upwards. She first found herself looking into dark mysterious blue eyes of the boy who spoke to her. Her eyes then locked onto his short blonde hair. Her eye finally trailed down his body. He was handsome, and very tall. Jemma suddenly blushed as she realized it was the guy she was unsure about during her hor or not game. The boy spoke again nervously "I'm so sorry" I didn't see you coming". He held his hand out to her like a true gentleman. Jemma blushed again, and with a shudder she reached her hand out to take his in hers. At this first touch of skin on skin, Jemma felt something she had never experienced before. Her heart lurched uneasily in her chest, and she felt an instant connection she was yet to understand.


The boy lifted her slowly to her feet, as Jemma felt her cheeks flush once more, as he remined silently looking at her. She felt like he was studying her carefully. This made Jemma feel really awkward. She felt brave enough to say something. with a stutter she said quickly "I, I, I'm ever so sorry. I, I, I should have been looking where I was going". The boy smiled sweetly, and with a short laugh he said "no worries, no harm done right". Jemma could only nod, as she was rather lost for words. She didn't understand. She had never felt this way before. The boy said aloud "the names Daniel by the way. Whats your name?" Jemma looked quickly at him and said quietly "Jemma". Daniel smiled and said softly "a pretty name for such a beuatiful girl". Jemma wished she would stop blushing. She never normally blushed like this, and so often.


Jemma tried to hurry the meeting along by saying "I'm going to be late for my lesson". Daniel said with a sigh "yeah me too. Well I best say bye then. Maybe I will be lucky enough to bump into you again". Jemma just simply said "yeah maybe" before saying her fairwell, and walking quickly away. She couldn't stand his precence anymore, her heart was going crazy. She looked back, and to her shock he had also looked back at the same time as her. She looked quickly away from him as he smiled.

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