My hero finally came

My hero finally came to save me!


3. why did you help me?!

Liss p.o.v

After 5 weeks in the hospital I finally got out. As I was leaving the hospital I didn't have any idea where to go. I looked in my bag to see if I brought any money. "Of course I forgot my fucking money under my sheets!" I whispered. Not knowing that boy who helped me out was right behind me. "Do you need money or a place to stay?" I looked at this boy and asked if I could talk to him for a minute? He smiled and said let's go out side and chat. So when we were heading out I heard a person yell "there you are you little slut !" Then I looked over and saw Rick I started to walk back slowly and then I started to run and then sprint.

Louis p.o.v

As I was about to talk to her I heard a man say "there you are you little slut!" I looked back and wondered who the hell he was talking to as I looked back at her I saw her walking back with tears in her eyes and then she ran. At that moment I knew that, that man had sliced her arm open. With rage I yelled " who the hell are you talking to?!" When I said that the man look at me pissed and said " you wanna go pretty boy?!" Then I was pissed so I said "why in the hell were you talking to her like that?!" " because she's a little skank! Now get out of the way so I can finally finish what i started!" Then I punched that son of a bitch and he fell to the ground hard. As he look up with a bloody nose he said " what the hell is wrong with you boy?" Then I felt a rock hard fist on the side of my face and noticed my mouth and my nose was gushing blood. So u grabbed my phone and called 911. A few minutes later they addrived and took that bastdard away! But where was that girl?

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