My hero finally came

My hero finally came to save me!


2. Where am I?

Liss p.o.v

As I was running from my house I was looking for a hospital and I couldn't find one and then I saw someone running toward me with brown hair and he had a stringed shirt on with suspenders. I started to run and then I got dizzy and then I went black.

Louis p.o.v

As I walking down my street to get mail I saw this girl walking back and fourth then I noticed all the blood coming from her arm and I started running towards her trying to help her and she look back and saw me and started to run and then she feel. I ran up to her and picked her up and went back to my house! Then my mom looked at the girl and started freaking out and called 911 right away.


Liss p.o.v

I woke up in a hospital with a random guy by my side I noticed he had blood on his shirt and a lot of it too. "Are you ok, do you need anything?!" The random stranger said. "No, I am find who are you?!" The boy looked at me shocked and said "you don't know who I am?" "No should I?" He looked at me and said"I am Louis Tomlinson."

Louis p.o.v

She didn't even know who I was and she looked scared that I was gonna hurt her. "I am not gonna hurt you." She looked at me and said "why did you help me you don't even know me?" Right before I was about to tell her I saw her eyes closing and her badge around her arm was dark red so I yelled for the nurse. "What happened?" She asked "I don't know we were talking and then her eyes were closing and I looked down on the cut and it was dark red!" "Ok sir you have to wait here for a little bit ok?"

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