My hero finally came

My hero finally came to save me!


1. the begging

The begging

Hello my name is Liss Alexandra Moore and I was the type of girl who has a horrible step father and a dead mother. My mom died last year around my birthday. She was my hero my protector my everything! I just wish she dumped this ass of a person named Rick! She always told me when she was in the hospital she loved me and would always love me. That night she died and I lost the other part of my heart.

"Where the hell are you, bitch!?" As I heard my step father walk down the halls I peek through the door and saw he had a knife in his hand and his face with rage! The first thing that popped into my mind was what would my mom do, than I knew! I locked my door and packed and started heading out when he got in as he saw me climbing out of the window he got really mad so he took his knife and before I gott out he sliced my wrist open! And then I look down and saw gushing blood coming out!

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