My hero finally came

My hero finally came to save me!


10. later that night.

Liss POV

After the movie we headed back to my house and he hang out for a bit. " hey babe I think I should be heading off." Louis said to me. "Ok babe." Then I looked at him and kissed him on the lips and then he kissed me and it kept going on for awhile then his phone rang. He looked at me depressed and pulled away and answered.

Louis POV

I looked down on my phone it was the Liam.

Lou: hello?

Liam: hey lad where are you?

Lou: I am at Liss' house

Liam: oh did I interrupt you?

Lou: maybe

Liam: ok cheeky boy we'll are you coming back to the house?

Lou: I don't know yet probably

Liam: ok see you in a little bit maybe?

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