Grace Ross-Twisted Worlds

Grace Ross was just a normal girl. In fact, the only odd thing about her was really that she never felt like she fit in. But, lets be honest. We all feel like that once in our lives.
That is, until the accident happens. Grace finds herself in a world, that so many deemed to be unreal. a world filled with mermaids, princesses, prince's. A world she had presumed that Walt Disney studios had made up. but what happens when she finds herself in the middle of all these 'made up' movies? when she discovers that its fun to watch from a screen, but not when you're stuck in the middle of the 'fairy tale'.

disclaimer- I own none of walt disneys characters/worlds/creations. If I did I probably would have had more power then to make a movella about it, wouldn't I? (:


1. intro

I tried to look through the blinding light, wondering what was on the other side. My mind was racing with wonder, and my heart was beating from shock. How did I get here?

I took a step back from the light and looked around. There was nothing. nothing.

It made me a bit scared, as a street full of people had just been standing in front of me.

Something was pushing at me, urging me to wander forth, but at the same time, my brain was screaming at me to stay away, get away in whatever possible way that I could. I took a moment to consider this. But while I was doing that, I realized I only ad one possible route to take.


P.S She's not dead. ><

but tell me what you think so far. I'll publish chapter 1 soon!!

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