MTV Did It

Hi!Bradley Jennkins here. You've probably heard my name before?I used to be Harry Styles' girlfriend?Oh right!Anyways,I honestly miss Harry. sob sob.Enough with me sadness!Lets get to the point. I met Harry at the VMAs. Yes,im a singer. In a girl group. Fifth Harmony!Ever heard of it before? Well,I still dont know why Harry broke up with me then went to Kendall Jenner. That abuser. But the thing is...I still love him


5. Oh um...noodles?

Oh um....noodles?

Bradleys POV

I saw him...with her

"Brad is that him" Lauren whispered

"Yeah,lets just le-"I was cut off by Louis yelling "BRADLEY OVER HERE!!!" shitcakes! "RUNNN!" I yelled at Lauren.And we ran off into the sunset. Just kidding!We ran back to the girls.

"Running in heels hurts"Lauren whined. "How?We do it all the time!"Normani said. "Why were you running?" asked Ally. "Oh um...noodles?"i said more like question. "We... saw...Harry" Lauren said in between breathes.

"I heard my name" a raspy voice said.....uh oh



Harrys POV

I saw her... and Louis just had to ruin it by making her run off. "How do they run in heels?" asked Louis. "Because they always run off from guys after they have sex with them. Practice makes perfect." said Kendall. That was harsh. Everyone looked at me for my reaction while i just stood there. "Um... I gotta use the restroom."i said walking away. Actually i was going to go see Bradley

"Bradley oh Bradley where are you?" then i heard the girls talking. About me!!!



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