The new life.

What will happen when Riley and her best friend Ireland move from there small town in LA to London? Adventure love and secrets will come out.


4. shit.


It was the middle of the night and I was thirsty. So I got up and went into the hallways to the bathroom. The light was on. So I figured Riley was in there I was getting ready to walk away when I heard a sob of pain. I knew exactly what was going on.


It hurt so much but I couldn't stop. I don't know why. The depression was just getting to me. I took the razor and stuck my 4th cut. It hurt like a bitch but I bit my lip so I wouldn't wake up Ireland. I cried so much. And just say there looking at what I did.


RILEY SCOTT!! Open the door! I was banging and banging. I didn't want her to go to far. I know she would. All I heard was the blast of pierce the veil. That's normal. But it was the most depressing song. "Hold on till may" that's when I cried and searched the room for anything. That's when I opened the closet and found a key "thank god" I pleaded. I opened the door and found her over the bath tube with her wrist covered in blood,the razor on the floor and her eyes swollen with tears.


And fucking of course she found a damn key. The perfect time for it all to end she has to come in and save me. I didn't say that out loud. But I just looked at her and saw her eyes fill with tears so I started to cry once again and was screaming "IM SORRY IM FUCKING SORRY IM A SCREW UP!!" And cried some more.

"No your not. If most your my screw up. That's why god let me find you. I need you. Your my sister and I don't want to lose you." Ireland said threw tears. "I love you" Riley said threw some tears and sniffles. "I love you too." Ireland also sis threw tears and sniffles. And they both hugged and fell asleep on the bathroom floor.

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