The new life.

What will happen when Riley and her best friend Ireland move from there small town in LA to London? Adventure love and secrets will come out.


9. she's gone

After Kyle and Brett left Riley and Ireland where going on about how much they loved the boys. And how perfect they were. By the time they were done it was 10 pm. And they girls we about to get ready for bed when Riley got a call. From her in the past her mom and Riley were very close. But one day Riley's mom walked in on Riley cutting herself. And her mom never knew. And her mom cried a lot. She never taught her own daughter would do that. Since Riley was continuing to do it. She didn't want to hurt her mom anymore so she moved in with Ireland. Her parents both died Ina a car accident and wanted to live on her own. Back to Riley's mom calling Riley went outside and answered the call.


"Hi sweetie"

"Hi mom what's up"

"The regular. With your dog and I have some news"

"Um okay...what's wrong?"

"Sweetie,Kiasa died."

The line was silent.

"Oh...uhh okay mom..thanks I love you I have to go"

"Okay. I'm sorry baby. I love you too."


I closed the phone and threw in the snow. And screamed. The neighborhood probably heard me. But I don't care. Kiasa was everything to me when I didn't have Ireland Kiasa was there. She was only 12 I couldn't believe my little sister is gone. I cried and cried. Then before I knew it I was going threw my pocket because I always keep a spare blade in there. I got it out and cut a deep cut. I let out a scream and cut one more this time butting my lip so nobody could hear me. And I say there and cried some more. Making the snow pink and red.


I got out of the warm shower happy and ready to see Brett again whenever I can!! I got on fuzzy spongebob pants because it was really cold in the house for some reason. And a long sleeve shirt that was purple with white strips. I went to grab my coffee I didn't finish but my eyes got locked on "doctor who."


I was inside watching family guy and I heard a cry or scream. I didn't know where it was coming from so I followed the crying I looked out my window and saw Riley siting in the snow with pink and red snow around her. I got scared because I didn't know if she was okay or not. So I ran out in only my boxers and a heavy coat. I ran I've to her. Her eyes we closed so I looks for a plus. There was a faint one. I looked for the source of the blood in the snow and saw it was coming from her wrist. I gasped and tried holding back tears. I've inky known her for a day. But I care about her. I screamed in the house to Ireland and she came running out.


Doctor who was just about over when I heard someone scream my name. It wasn't Riley. It was more I a male voice. So I ran out and saw Riley laying in a pile of snow with pink and red in it. All I could do was cry and scream. Kyle said to get in the car and he'll explain it.


I was cold and I could barley see but I could make out Kyle was caring me and telling me to stay with him. I looked over and say Ireland panicking like in every fucked up situation. Then it went black. I woke up later in a white room I looked around and saw I was hooked up to a heart monitor and had a rap in my arm. It hurt a lot. I looked to my side and saw Ireland crying in the waiting room and Brett comforting her. Then Kyle was talking to the doctor and was about to break down. I could tell. I forgot what happened. I forgot why I was like this. I tried thinking then it came back. "My sister is gone" I said out loud. And I started to freak out again and cry. I heard the heart monitor beep really loud and nurses rushed in. Brett took Ireland somewhere else so she couldn't see. But she saw the nurses rush in and started to ball out once again. Kyle was trying to come in but the doctor was pushing him back. He started to cry and he just fell and gave up. Then once again I went black...fuck.

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