The new life.

What will happen when Riley and her best friend Ireland move from there small town in LA to London? Adventure love and secrets will come out.


6. moving in


I was done with my eggs and Ireland was already up in the hotel room. I payed for my food and went up to the room. She already been up there for about 2 hours. I just wanted to be alone so I stayed in the bar. As I was walking into our room everything was clean and picked up. I looked around nervously and said" ummm what's up Ireland?"


I was so ready to leave and move into our flat. Even though it was only one night. The memory in the bathroom just haunts me I had to leave. When Riley walked in she was shocked. She didn't know what was going on. I told her we were going into out flat.


On the ride over to the flat I was completely quite. I was in the zone with my music. Ireland even knows not to mess with me or talk to me when I'm silent with my music.

We both got in the house. It was boring and had to plain beds. "Ughhh I'm tired" I cried will face planting into the bed. "Shut up Riley" Ireland said as she fell on me also tired. "Get off me fat ass! Riley screamed with a laugh. "Haha no way bitch nugget!" Ireland said. "Since when am I a nugget?!?!" I laughed. Then after Ireland got off Riley,they both had Noodles from a pot. "We need boyfriends" Ireland said out if nowhere.

"I'm good" Riley said. "Come one lets go look around tomorrow!" Ireland wined "okay okay fine" Riley gave in.


After dinner I got in my long ass pants that were dark purple with white music notes and my pierce the veil black and purple dang top. I threw on my beats and put on my depressing song. And Ireland took everything sharp ok the house away so I can't do anything. Yay! -.- and fell asleep.


I everything away. Washed everything. Cause Riley went straight to bed. Like always. After I cleaned. I put on my black pants with white crosses on. And a pink shirt with a black heart on it. I threw on my beats and put on one direction's new album on repeats.

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