The new life.

What will happen when Riley and her best friend Ireland move from there small town in LA to London? Adventure love and secrets will come out.


10. cuts


I woke up to bright and blurry. I saw Ireland looking over me saying"oh! She's awake guys!!" She sounded so releaved and happy. Kyle had a huge smile on his face. And Brett was just smiling at Ireland then at me. "What the fuck happened?" Ireland was the first to speak. "Well Kyle was the first to see you. He heard someone crying from outside and went to go check and saw you,he saw that you had deep cuts like 5 or 6 and was bleeding badly. So he yelled for me. And you know me I freaked out and cried. He put you in the car and I came with you and on the way there Kyle called Brett and Bret meet us here." She said with a slight smile. And went back to a worried almost scared face. "Then we saw that you were awake and you got upset and started crying and screaming and the nurses came in." Kyle said worried. "Oh ya" I said.


"Hey guys can I talk to Riley alone" I asked I felt rude saying that. "Ya sure" they both said with a smile and left. It was silent for a little bit. "So um...what happened?" She looked away. Then back at me. She was about to cry but she said " mom called and she said that..." That's when she started crying so I just hugged her. During the hug she screamed into my chest "Kiasa died!!" And that's when memories came back. Kiasa annoying us when I would come over. But she's make cookies with us and watch movies. She liked all of the music that Riley liked. "I'm sorry Riley. I remember all if the memories we had with her. But now she is with your dad." I said with a smile. "That's right" she said with a smile. "I love you bitch nugget" I said laughing. "I love you too" she said with a smile and laughed then she said "I'm gonna kill you when I leave!!!!" We both just laughed. That's when Kyle came in. And I went to get food with Brett.


"Hey" I said shyly "hi" she said. "How you feeling?" "Okay u guess" saying like she's shrugging it off. I just cAme out with it and asked " can I tell you something?" She said sure. So I took of my jacket still wearing my boxers and only my boxers. I showed her my wrist. "I cut too" I said. She looked at it like it was natural. I'm glad she did and didn't flip out. I liked hat about her. "I just want to let you know. I'm here for you" I Sao with a smile. "Thank you" she replied with a smile. That when the doctor came in and said she can go. But he wants me to keep an eye on her so I'm staying over the night at her place. Brett is coming too.


Kyle carried me to his car. And all 4 if us were in and I turned on the radio. Demons came on my imagine dragons. I looked at Ireland. Because we both love that song. And we Sang surprisingly the boys did too. The car ride home was awesome. Then we got home. I walked myself in with Ireland and Brett and Kyle we right behind us.

When I got inside I took a shower and up my hair in a messy bun with a tang top that said "your my bitch" and the same pants from last night. My cuts were noticeable. And hurt. I went staight to bed. Put on my beats and listened to PTV.


I Waited until Kyle was gone. And I we to over to Brett and said thanks for hanging out with me tonight. I had fun" with a smile. I was scared to say it. I didn't know what's he would say. "I had a blast we should do it again. Like not in a hospital" he said laughing "hahah yup!" I said then I kissed me. I felt a spark. And he smiled and blushed that's when I went in my room put on my beats to imagine dragons and feel asleep.


It was about 3 in the morning and I woke up to get some water. I saw Kyle on the couch and I woke him up by touching his cheek he woke up and I said "thank you for saving me" he said anytime with a smile. And I kissed his cheek and went to bed. With my beats and PTV playing.

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