Years ll

"Just answer this one question. Did you even love me?" The tone of scaredness laces her question waiting for my answer.


6. Chapter 6

Eleanor's POV:

"Eleanor Jane Calder!" I hear my name screamed loudly even though the door is shut. I know that when my name is yelled that loudly someone's in trouble, most likely me. 

I jump off my bed and race through the house, and into the kitchen where both my parents are seated holding a paper in my hand. Holy Shit. Like holy shit trouble they found out I was pregnant or something. But I'm not, I mean I shouldn't be ;). 

"Yes?" I say with a smile, trying to ease their red faces. 

"What the hell is this?!" My mom waves the paper in the air, and when the sun shines through the paper, I see my school name- report card. Holy Shit, now this was  big one. My parents where always the ones that put school and studies first and other stuff later, never get in trouble and get into a good college. So since thats the way they grew up, they think me and my siblings should grow up that way. I hated it. 

"Um, my acceptance letter?" I say stupidly, I should be looking at colleges since I'm a junior and have 4 months left until I become the top dog at school, or so the other seniors tell me. 

"No! Its your report card! Eleanor, two D's and a C?! What is going on?" I was always the one in class with the average grades, but maintaining good grades overall. Since I'm older and in higher classes, the teachers have been harder on us, even though its public school. 

"The teachers are harder on us now, but I have 2 months left until the final grade I'll ge-"

"Its that Harry boy! Your boyfriend, or whatever you call him. He's a bad influence on you!" As you can tell they don't really like him, well my dad does since they both like football.

"Eleanor, I hate doing this, but until your grades get up, either break up with him, or you can't hang around him. He is getting in the way of your future! Your dream!" I've never seen my dad like this, he was always more than a friend, dad to me. Harry is not getting in the way of me going to school in America, not even close.

"Its not him!" I yell, crying.

"I'm sorry, but you need to tell him." My mom says a little cooled down, but I'm not.

"I'm not, you guys are getting in the way! You were the ones that convinced me to go to school in America, you guys like brain washed me or something! Its not him, I'm not going to tell him that, I love him!" I speak tears still coming, while I'm trying to stand up for him. 

"I'm old enough to make my own decisions now, and I can do what I want! I'm almost an adult, I can drive, and take care of myself! I've basically been doing it since Lauren died! I'm fine, and don't worry about my grades! I still have almost 2 years so get off my back!" I scream. I have now entered a place where I never should have. I am probably going to get slapped or get my arse (british word for ass)  beaten. 

Both of them are silent, I don't want them to be. My mother is crying into my dads shoulder and I shouldn't have mentioned Lauren. When I was 16 my sister, Lauren, a year younger than me passed away because of a radiation explosion. She was out with her friends and something happened, and about 4 months later she got a brain tumor and half a year later she died. It hurts me too, and even more because we were going to hang out that day, but I blew her off because I was angry at her. I feel like it was my fault, but meeting Harry helped me. 

Lauren was the angel in the family, always getting more rewards than me even though she was middle. And when she died my parents basically shut everyone out and thats how I have learned to become so dependent. 


I walk back to my room, tears sliding off my face and crashing onto the marked, cold floor. 

Not only have I made them sad, but even more angry. I have to get out of here, Kiera won't do, so the only choice is Harry. My parents will be furious that I ran away and went to his house. But like I said I can make my own choices. 

I pack my bag and grab my keys not even texting him about it. I lift up the window carefully shutting it and making sure my door is locked. 


Katy's POV:

He's hesitating. Something different about his childhood, than average kids. Its fine, I just wanna know. 

"Oh just regular, got the wagon at my first birthday. Two parents, brothers and sisters. Went through grade school, got in some trouble. Regular, average."

The words he said killed me. I know he's lying by the things people have told me. Horrible things. I just didn't know who to believe. 

I nod and he notices my sadness me adjusting his face under mine, laying in my lap. I laugh at his silliness and keep drawing my view of the outside. He pushes the drawing book down and grabs the back of my neck making me bend down and kiss him. Its slow and kinda nice. 

I feel a cold liquid on my cheek and finally realize he tricked me into painting my face. I break away immediately and laugh getting a paint brush and flicking paint on him. He screams like a girl, which make me laugh even more, his chance of getting me again. 

He smothers his hands in paint and runs at me, at making me run. He catches up to me and grabs my waist leaving his hand prints above my hips on my white shirt. I get him back my tossing paint his hair and in less than minutes I am covered from head to toe in paint. Literally everywhere. And look at him, barely painted. 

I run at him, and get his face, hitting my target. I retreat back, but I'm too slow. He lifts me up so basically like a piggy front? Instead of a piggy back ride. My legs around his waist his hands on my hips again. 

He kisses me still holding my body weight. I kiss him back thinking he is tricking me but the way we are kissing its not. Hands getting more paint in his hair I kiss him more passionately. I've noticed that me and Zayn kiss...a lot. I'm not bothered by it. 

I drop down and laugh at him as he laughs at me. 

Paint on his neck from where my arms were hooked on, my legs traced in paint on the bottom of his shirt. His hands stained on my shirt and back, multicolored hair, and lips. By the look of us, anyone could tell what we were doing. I don't care. 

I hug him and his forehead meets mine. 

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Kiera's POV:

I leave the pictures there in the same place for some reason. I clean up my room, not touching the guitar or jersey. I have to take it back to him, and I don't want it to take it to him at school, I might cause the scene with my crying. 

I find my keys and take the jersey, rubbing some water over it to get the stains out. I'm pretty sure they'll come out, but I want to wash it. 

Zayn and Katy are in the garage, and I definitely don't want to bother them since they saw me and Niall like this. 

I put on my slippers and walk to the car, already regretting this. 

The drive takes me faster than usual, me wanting to see him. I don't know what has gotten into me, but my mind has convinced me that I still love him, and want to be together. But I have to re-convince by telling myself all the things that have happened that caused this mess. 

I knock on the door, already forgetting that I walked up here to his door. I step back, trying to remember my manners and a few seconds later someone opens the door. A girl. 

Are you serious? My emotions about to fly everywhere, I quickly pinch my arm to remember why I came here. 

"Hi, can you give this to Niall? He forgot it." I say handing her the jersey. She opens it up examining it. Why don't you just wear it already? Brag it in my face? I mean your in his house, and you're pretty. He already has another girl, while pathetic little me is still crying over here. 

"Um ya...wait oh my god! You're Kiera!" She says her eyes growing with each word. I nod at the ground and then turn away. 

"Kiera!" that was not her voice. Niall's. Ughhh.

"Kiera, what are you doing here?" He says behind the girl. She shows him the jersey and he slowly nods. 

"Alyssa, can you give us a moment?" She nods and gives him the jersey disappearing in his familiar house.

"Already got a girl yea?" I say snapping at him.

"What? Who are you talking about?"

"That Alyssa girl. Well good luck. Hope you have an amazing time with her. Bye Niall." I say, walking away.

"Alyssa? My cousin?" I stop dead in my tracks. You have got to be kidding me. No wonder why she's so pretty. Cause she and Niall are family. Right now I wish I had my phone, to pretend I got a call and its an emergency. One of those awkward scenario life savers. 

I turn around and wave at him with both hands in my pockets. 

"Bye Niall" I say again, poison to both of us. I get in my car, and back out noticing his eyes on me. He lifts up the jersey to cover his face, and I drive off not seeing his face when he brought it down. 

I totally speed back home and walk up to my room, throwing my keys on the counter. I can see Katy and Zayn talking and smiling through the kitchen window. Love each other now. It won't last forever. 

I rest the guitar back on the stand, getting a clank sound from it. I pick it up and observe the front wondering if there is something inside it. Nothing. I look at the back and it starts the tears again. Dammit Niall! Seriously?!

I just want you to know that I didn't sing because I knew you

liked it and it was a way to get you back. I sang it because

thats how I'm feeling. You may have noticed that I'm really

good with words unless its like talking to family or maybe

kissing you or something like that. I'm protective over you

because I loved and still do and people started noticing that

I was the one that called dibs on you. It felt horrible, football

practice was worse including school; but when I saw you

everything was okay. And I shouldn't have done that or treated

you like this. I hope you realize I'm as hurt as you are. I know

you're not eating and its scaring me even more than you being

with another guy. Kiera Grace Pal, I love you and always will.

I spent hours thinking about you and how I was so lucky to have

someone like you, when you went home that one time, I thought

I was going to kill myself for not seeing you in your regular seat.

But when you gave me the second chance I busted, again. 

I'm not asking for you back but that would be nice, I just want you

to know that you are loved and forever will be by me. I love you

more than words can say and I'm sorry for doing this to you. I truly am. 



Attached next to his little note was an envelope and little charm necklace. I could already tell it was his finger print on the circle and on the back it said 'ILY' each color having the color of the Irish flag. Wow. Perfect. I opened the envelope and inside it said my name and our local airport. 

Inside was a ticket, no destination on it. Scribbled in the same pen it said.

Whenever or wherever you wanna go you can. 


"I love you too. I wished this never happened." 


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