Years ll

"Just answer this one question. Did you even love me?" The tone of scaredness laces her question waiting for my answer.


3. Chapter 3

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Kiera's POV:


"Kiera" I hear Niall's voice softly call my name. I can't do this. He gets up and another classmate walking up to the front which gives me time to move while Niall is blocked. I sound like a wimp or something but currently, I don't really want to see him...or anyone. 

I quickly write my name on the board showing that I'm leaving and run over to the nearest bathroom. These baggy clothes let the freezing school  air seep through, giving me the chills. I slam the girls bathroom door open and run in stopping at the mirror and I grip the sink. Holy Shit. I look terrible. I should just go home. 

"Kiera!" I hear my name being called through the halls even though the door is closed. Great, attention. One of the things I don't want right now. I hear his voice get closer causing me to flee into the back stall and lock the door squishing myself into the corner. The door opens, feet padding across the floor stopping at each stall. The person gets to my stall and I hold my breathe, like this is some horror movie or something. 

This is taking me forever to get over Niall, but it shows how dumb I am to be played like that. The person leaves, and I see his blonde hair through the cracks in the stall. 

The door closes and tears start spilling out of my eyes for no reason. Well I don't think I have one.

I sprint out of the bathroom, forgetting class and my stuff. Hopefully Zayn will bring it home or something.

Thank god I live close or I probably would have just....well I don't know.

I scramble upstairs and grab the home phone typing in Austin's number. When we first met he gave me a slip with his number on it, I never threw it away knowing that I would need it. My guts were right.



"Austin, I need you. We're done; me and Niall." I sob into the phone, while he is dead silent.

"Austin?" I ask making sure he is still there.

Wow, I'm so sorry. I wish I could be there with you. Hey, but cheer up. I'm coming in 2 months, we won semi finals and they are hosted in London, so I'll come in and visit.

"2 months?" I whine into the phone

Yea, 2 months. Well I have to go. I'm really sorry. Call me in a couple of hours if you need to. 

"Okay" I say monotone into the phone. 2 months? Well I'm happy he's coming but it seems like its 2 years away. 


I hang up the phone, and tape his number to my mirror. There's a knock at the door, and it catches me off guard making me jump and I try to regain my balance. 

There is that one thought in my head that its him, but I can talk to him. I can. I think. Zayn opens the door and he walks in and closes the door dropping my school bag by the door. He takes a seat on the top of my dresser and sighs. 


"God, you scared me. Why are you here?" I ask trying not paying attention to him. 

"Brought your school bag home. Why did you walk out of class. You never came home." He says looking out my window. 

"Yea I noticed when you put my bag on the floor. He was going to talk to me, and I couldn't do it. You know he basically followed me into the bathroom." I say looking at him. A laugh escapes him at my last statement. 

"Kiera, you need to be stronger than that. I know you can. Everyone has to be in their life once or twice, maybe forever." He says looking at some photos of me and my friends on the dresser. 

"But what if I can't. I barely could at the beach when he told me, well not really. I embarrassed myself there." I can't believe that me and Zayn are having a serious moment here. 

"Kiera, you didn't embarrass yourself, and you can I know you can."

"No I can't!" I spit back at him. 

"Yes, you can!" He yells back at me, I've never seen him like this before. "Sorry, its just I had to be like this, strong, or whatever when Gabrielle died."

"Who's Gabrielle?" I ask curiosity getting to me. 

"My girlfriend. Suicide. She got to the point where I guess she couldn't take it anymore. She hid it from me. I didn't know. I hate myself everyday for not noticing it. Thats why I had to move schools. My temper got to the best of me." He looks away and I think he's crying, but I'm not gonna ask him. 

"Zayn, I'm sorry. You're right. Thanks for the...advice." I say getting up and hugging him. 

"Oh can you give this to him?" I say picking up the football jersey and handing to him. He nods but tosses it back on the bed and leaves. 


Shortly after the door bell rings and I think its Katy, since Zayn said something about her coming. 

"Coming!" I yell at the knock. I open the door and I'm totally surprised. Niall. 

I slam the door in his face, my first instinct. But I quickly open the door remembering what Zayn told me. 

"Um common in." i say pointing my hand on a couch. He walks in and takes a seat, his head immediately falling into his hands. 

"Kiera I ju-"

"You still have to take Jonah to the football game. You promised." I say trying to sound undefeated. This is the hardest things I've done in my life. 

"I know, but I'll only go if you go." 

His blue eyes, getting to the best of me I have to give him and answer. 

"Well I guess....." 




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