Years ll

"Just answer this one question. Did you even love me?" The tone of scaredness laces her question waiting for my answer.


17. Chapter 17

A/N: Only a couple words why I couldn't update- Finals are happening. 

Harry's POV:

My phone reads that they have Eleanor and are taking her to a hospital. More than relief flushes over me and I can't hold back a tear , even though its not the manly thing to do. I drive like a person on the road for the first time and speed to the hospital. 

I finally get to her room, and she looks perfect, but ruined. Her eyes have dark circles underneath them, and she looks so pale. She's still wearing her bathing suit and I'm scared to touch her. I'm scared that she'll disappear like she did before. I somehow still have the ring in my pocket and take it out and look at it. It's my mums ring. She told me to give it to the love of my life when I'm ready and its time.

I take the ring and find her finger on her left hand, but from the view of her fingers I won't be able to put it on. It looks like her  fingers are sprained or broken because their all purple and swollen. El needs this ring now and I want her to wear it now….for reassurance and a promise even though she's asleep. I take off the necklace I'm wearing and slip on the ring on the chain and place the necklace on her. 

We're still young, but who cares. I love her. And all I can give her is everything I have. 

Zayn's POV:

I thought the dinner went well. Besides the fact that her parents would not stop staring at mt tattoos that were showing and my ear piercings. I'm happy that Katy doesn't judge like that. I close the door on them and walk over to see mom and Katy washing the dishes and they're laughing. She lets out her laugh- a quiet but contagious one. 

I walk over and stand behind her, hugging her. I kiss her cheek and she blushes. Most likely cause my moms here. 

"I got this mom" I say trying to get rid of her. She smiles and exits the room. I grab sponge and start washing the dishes and look at her cleaning off and putting away the clean dishes. She comes back and I fling the sponge at her making her covered in soap and water. She gasps out of surprise and quickly grabs a cup filled with water and pure all the water on me, I grab her by the arm before she can escape and she shrieks as I dump more water on her. She turns around and slips in my grasp, but I have hold of her. I pull her back up and she comes closer and closes her eyes as I do the same. Until she tricks me and pours water all over my hair and head.

"Not the hair!" I whimper, she laughs and falls on the floor making it easy for me to get her, I bend down to pick her up and she pulls me down slipping on the floor. I fall on her and we both can't keep the laughs in as we're both covered in soap and water. 

Mom comes in and she's totally pissed off. Katy stops laughing and apologizes.

"Sorry, we didn't mean to make a mess."

"Oh you wish you didn't do that. Both of you are cleaning this mess up right now and there will be now talking, cause I'm gonna sit here until your done." She scolds us like kids. Katy quickly gets up and starts searching for a mop as I still have a straight face on. She disappears to get something and I quickly get up and steal a quick kiss. Katy giggles and I hear my mom yell at us. 

"I can hear you and it doesn't sound like cleaning! And no kissing!" She adds. I groan as she comes back with a book in her hand. Great, fantastic. I have to clean, my hair is wet and I can't even smile at Katy. So much for having fun. 


We finally finish and Katy did most of the work. I drop the towel after the kitchens clean and go over to here. My mom clears her throat as her eyes go over to the towel on the floor. I pick it up and throw it on the counter as I take Katy into the other room. She lets a sigh and I can tell she's tired.

"You can stay here for the night? I'm sure my sister has something you can wear to sleep in." 

"That would be nice, I'll go get something." she says smiling. She walks up the stairs to Kiera's room as I run to my room and clean up everything real fast. 

"Haha no she is not sleeping with you tonight. She might have been before,while I'm not here but nope. You can sleep on the couch and offer her your room or she can sleep in Kiera's." I groan and roll my eyes at my mom. She is litrerally treating us like children. 


Well Katy ends up sleeping in my room- alone. But not for long. Once I hear my mom go up the stairs I quietly walk over to my room and climb into my bed that holds my girlfriend. I pull her close to me and kiss her forehead and she tens around and comes up to my chest. Boy have I fallen hard for this girl.


Kiera's POV:

Me and Niall sit in the waiting room after seeing Harry burst in and find El. Niall won't keep calm as his fingers drum against the arm of the chair. I try falling asleep but I can't with the occasional glances from him. He knows I'm not asleep but trying until he finally taps me and asks me to go somewhere more private.

I have nothing else better to do right now since Eleanor is still showing the same signs as before.

He is careful where he puts his hands but I really want them in my hands. I miss Niall with my heart. I love Louis but I can't see us having a future like I can see me and Niall.

He takes a breathe to talk and exhales beginning with his words. 

"I get the whole thing about caring for you and how you made it clear tonight that you didn't think I cared for you. But I do. I care and love you so much it hurts. And this feeling is new to me because its never happened before." He begins as I look down and my fingers fumble with each other. 

I see his fingers stop the movement of mine as he grabs them. 

"I remember all the times we would laugh together, all the times that I would hold you when you were hurt, all the pictures on my phone and the necklace I got you, that you're wearing- was for not for nothing. I still care about more than a normal person every would. And I love you. I wasn't playing a bet on you or anything, I-"

I cut off his words by kissing him; his rough lips on my soft ones. He doesn't kiss back even though the feeling of kissing him is the same. "Kiss me back" I whimper a few centimeters away from his lips. He unravels his hands from and puts them on my waist instead. He lets out a light smirk and kisses me back… finally. 




A/N: Well I hoped you liked the book even though I didn't write as much and it ended happily. Lol, have a good summer and hopefully be more focused on the Harry fanfic Im writing now. Please go check it out!!!!!

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