Years ll

"Just answer this one question. Did you even love me?" The tone of scaredness laces her question waiting for my answer.


10. Chapter 10

Kiera's POV:

Austin and Me break out in laughter as the girl fight takes places on the show. Our laughs are interrupted by the quiet buzzing coming from my desk. I walk over to my phone looking at the caller ID. Louis. 

I hesitate to answer it until Austin's voice tells me to after he sees who it is. Its not that I don't like Louis or anything, its just we haven't seen each other since me and Niall broke up. 

"Hey Louis." I say into the phone. I look back at the tv and start laughing again, getting the boy on the other line's attention. 

"You alright?" He asks smirking at me. 

"I'm completely fine." I says back with sass. Giving him some of his medicine. 

I walk out of my room and onto this balcony thing. I really hate it because you constantly have to clean it. I quickly grab a jacket laying on the floor and wrap myself in it, closing the door. 

"Whats up?" I ask brushing the dirt off of a seat. 

"Oh I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime soon. We haven't really seen each other in forever and it would be nice."

"Oh yea, it would be," I say picking at my nails. "Yea I guess we could." 

"But I mean like as a date." he throws in. 

My eyes go big, and I'm totally caught off guard. 

"Kiera?" he asks after I haven't answered. 

"L-like.. a date?" I ask making sure I heard him correctly. 


Niall's POV:

I hear the door open and close, someone's coming out. It's Kiera, on the phone with that bastard of a friend Louis....on the phone. Some relief washes through me that he is on the phone and not really hear. I climb back down a few branches so she can't see me. She sits down and shivers. 

I get closer to hear, being careful not to fall or scare her. 

She randomly talks to him, and I'm climbing higher so she can see me and get off the phone with him and talk to me. 

"L-like.. a date?" The words coming out of her mouth freeze me. He's asking her out? What the? He has Melissa?! 

I feel literally frozen here in the cold as she reacts to his question. 

"Um, I mean,, yea I guess?" She replies as a question. I feel like letting go of this tree and falling never wanting to wake up or get up. She hangs up, and sighs like a middle aged woman stressed from her job and kids. 

My body acts before my mind and I hop over the railing catching her attention. She freezes to, but I'm not sure if its from the cold or seeing me. 

"What was that all about?" I ask my voice coming out hurt and light. 

She gets up and starts. "I don't know. What did I say?" She says the last part under her breathe, clear for me to hear. 

"Have fun with him." I snap and jump off the railing onto a tree branch and my hands holding the wooden beam keeping her from falling off the edge. 

"Niall! Wait!" She says loudly. I release a sigh and climb up further so I could see her. Her pale face and purple lips beg for life in this cold weather. I swear its like 0 degrees out here. 

She comes over to me and I stand up, being her height. She gets super close and I don't know what to do. 

"Kiss me." She whispers. 


A/N: Sorry its short. But I was listening to You and I and Why Don't We Go There while writing this. 

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