Meg's Songbook

This is not a story. Here is where I will post song lyrics to songs I have written. Please don't steal them. They took my hard work and I am proud of them. Also, please let me know what you think of them and if I should make any changes. Thanks!


1. Stay Strong

This song is dedicated to some of my friends and those of you who need words of encouragement. I understand how you feel. If you ever need someone to talk to, let me know. I will be their to listen and be your friend. I am not one to judge. Thanks. I'm also not really sure how it should go. If you want to post a video of you singing it on YouTube, please send it to me on twitter, @Music_Meg . Or you can email it to me at


  Stay Strong

Meg D



It doesn't help the people who know you

It doesn't help the future

It doesn't help the people who don't understand you

It doesn't make life a little better 

For anyone


People need to learn to like each other

I understand it when you need your space

It won't help you only mother

To see your oldest child in a grave

Before her



I know it hurts right now

I understand it fully

We need to say it loud

No need for bullies



You need to stay strong

You know they've got it wrong

I really need you now

Why are some so foul

Doin' this won't save you

I really thought you knew

You really need to stay strong

That's what'll really save us

Stay Strong

Stay Strong

Stay Strong


It won't help your best friends out 

You think it's the only thing thing left to do

It's like they always count

Your mistakes

That's all it really takes


They really need to stop 

What if no one's there for you

It stings like a belly flop

It's always your cue







I know it hurts so much

Feel like it's your own fault

Please don't hurt yourself now

Don't do that

Don't do that

Don't do that, yeah


Stay Strong


[Chorus] (Slower)


Doin' this won't save you

I really thought you knew

You really need to....


Stay Strong


Stay Strong










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