Bad Boy Styles

Harry Styles is the towns bad boy-but when the little game between Adriana and him,will it change him?


1. Intro

Heey My name is Emily Jones and I am 18 years old.And I am going to basically explain my life! lol so :I have brown curley/wavy hair, green eyes (Im going to explain the character as myself so basically this is what i really look like) im a pretty skinny girl i guess and im about 5'6. I'm an average looking girl,even tho my friends say "I am so jelos of you,you are drop dead gorgeous!" But I am not okay?

I am in my senior year at a new school 'of coarse' and I only have 4 friends that really know me and they are like sisters to me, Sara,Jada,Jesse,and Jamie.

so basically this is my 2nd week of school and I've seen this guy around,he is basically a boy look alike to me,But anyways I ask my friends 'Hey,um who's that guy-the one with the curly hair and mucled body?'They all look at me in shock,Like i killed 50 people. 'That's Harry Styles,Don't be near him-he is trouble.Anyone tries to do something or make jokes about him,He immediately  charges and beats them up.He's never really loved or even liked a girl.' Jamie says 'He always hangs with his friends Zayn Malik,Liam Payne, Niall Horan,and Louis Tomlinson.They are all sweet guys but like Jamie said,Harry is the trouble.Sara said. 'Okay well anyways what's new?' I ask 'Well there is this party and anyone at school is welcomed to come, well seniors, and we wanted to go but we'd rather stay with you than go.'Jada said 'Well you guys are sweet so since u want to go to that party,I guess I'm coming!'I say-What have I gotten myself into? 'YAAAAY'they all shriek. So the girls and I go shopping at the mall for clothes n stuff. I picked out a casual-party like outfit (Black high waisted shorts along with a shirt that said 'Live while we're young' that had a space like background along with some Gucci  silver sneakers).       




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