Louis' Sister

Meet badass, care-free, Lana Tomlinson.

Sound familiar?

That's because she just happens to be the sister of world famous Louis Tomlinson.

I think you have an idea of what's going to happen. ;)

Cover by: Lady Tatertot


10. Shopping

 I grab my sunglasses and wallet , then head down the stairs. All the girls are waiting on me. "You ready chicas?" I ask doing some sort of weird dance move. "Yes let's go!" Dani says copying my weird dance move.


 Right now i'm sitting on my bed thinking about all that's happened today so far. And it's been a long day! I'm mean, my boyfriend and brother got in a fight, they made up, i'm Harry Styles Girlfriend, I lied to my best friend, i met perrie and valerie, we went shopping, and now i'm thinking about all of this.

 My life is messed. up. Why did MY life have to be cliche?! ugh! I close my eyes so i can take a well needed nap but as soon as I shut my my eyes the door opened. I open my eyes back open. Harry walks in with a rose. "Freaking Cliche!" I yell at him and pull my pillow over head.

 "Uhhhh can I come in?" He asks unsurely. "whfvrjskr" I reply. "Uh i can't exactly hear what your saying with your pillow over your head. I 'humph' in reply. I slowly take the pillow off my head and place it back under me.

 "I said, whatever." I say sourly. "Yeesh! who stuck a stick up your butt?" He asked looking offended. "It's not you, it's just, that, but, what, what did you need?" I ask him a lot less sourly. "Oh, yeah, that, well I was, uh, well, just, uh, wondering, if, well, uh, maybe, you, would, um, uh, well, just, would you go on a date with me?" He asks me.

 I laugh at his nervousness. Then I stand to face him. "Sure, after all, I am your 'girlfriend'." I tell him looking into his brilliant green eyes. "Great!" He reply's. He then leans down and softly kisses me. At the same time he puts the rose in my hands.

 He pulles away, looks me in the eyes, and just leaves. Oh my gosh Harry Styles, what are you doing to me?


 So i know it's been a long time sinced I updated but I promise to update more often. Love you guys!  :)

      ~Nevaeh (1D Figment)

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