Louis' Sister

Meet badass, care-free, Lana Tomlinson.

Sound familiar?

That's because she just happens to be the sister of world famous Louis Tomlinson.

I think you have an idea of what's going to happen. ;)

Cover by: Lady Tatertot


3. P.R.A.N.K! Part 1..... ;)

 * 1:40 *

I silently crawl out of my bed and collect the 4 small cameras that I've hidden in my closet on the very bottom shelf.

Without making a sound, I tiptoe down the stairs.

First, I place one camera in the plant at the beginning of the hallway facing outwards.

Then, I place one in the plant at the end of the hallway.

Next, I then place one inside of the cabinets in the kitchen, keeping the door slightly cracked for a good view, and then I slightly slant it down so it can see more of the kitchen.

Lastly, I keep one on myself so that I can video tape manually.

In the process of doing this I turn the cameras on and start them on recording.

And finally, I put pillows under the blankets in my room so it looks like I'm still asleep in my bed.

I check the clock, * 2:00 *, that's my que.


~~Louis' P.O.V.~~

I wake up hearing creaks in the floorboard downstairs.

Must be Niall getting food.

I check the floor next to me.

Strange, Niall is still sound asleep in his sleeping bag.

I slowly slip out of my bed careful not to wake Zayn, who is also on the floor. 

I go across the hall to the other lads room.

Harry and Liam are still sound asleep.

So it's probably just Lana.

I creak her door open slowly.

Lana's in her bed asleep also.....

I would check Mum's room but I know that she had to go to Yorkshire for the weekend. She left at about midnight for her plane.

And my step-father, he went with her, I don't think he likes me very much.

So, if everyone is in their rooms asleep, besides me of course, then that means.....

Oh crap, someone else is in the house!

I tiptoe/run back to my room and shake Zayn and Niall awake.

"Guys get up now its an emergency!" They both sit up rubbing their eyes.

"What do you want?" Niall flatly asks.

"Someone else, besides us and Lana is in the house!" I whisper/yell at him.

"Did you check everyone's room?" Zayn asks me.

"Yes!" Whisper/yell again.

"Fine, but if I'm getting up, then the other lads are getting up too," Zayn replies still tired.

"Ok, fine." I tell him and then walk over to the lads room.

I open the door only to find two empty beds.

I walk back to my room freaking out now.

Zayn and Niall are sitting up on their beds.

"Their not in there!" I say slightly frightened.

"I told you Louis, no one is in the house. It was probably just them." Zayn retorts.

"HELP!" We here hear Harry scream from somewhere in the house.

Both of them look at each other scared.

"Ok, maybe I was wrong...." Zayn says timidly.

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