Meant to be

Julie Sicily wanted to become famous, a lot! On her way to accomplish her dream she meets someone very special. They fall for each other step by step. The boys need to help Louis try to get Julie to fall in live with him, read what happens.


4. wanting to leave

Julie POV

         ugh im getting sick of hearing my parents arguments on the phone. they yell, and yell, and yell! i cant believe that they ever got married in the first place! it is 1 o'clock in the morning!!! i snuck out my window and climbed my way to Allie's window. when i went into her bedroom through her window, Lexie was sitting there crying in, hugging Allie. i walked in and asked, "what's wrong?" then Allie answered for her, "her brother, Devin is in the hospital. he passed out just suddenly and stopped breathing. they got him to breath again at the hospital but they aren't sure if he is going to make it." i looked at Lexie with my mouth wide open. she nodded and started crying harder again. then i said, "I'm so sorry Lexie, i bet he'll make it. and Allie I'm going to stay here for tonight with you guys, my parents are arguing over the phone again." she nodded her head and we all sat down staring at the wall. i brought my tablet with me so i took it out and said, "one direction is doing free Skype time!!!" they all looked at it as i called one directions Skype. huh no answer, awww that sucks. i put my tablet on the ground and just stared at the wall. then I kept hearing voices but I'm not sure from where. Lexie, Allie, and I were confused. nobody is here except us. i looked at my tablet and i saw.............. ONE DIRECTION!!! all of them! then i heard Louis say, "what's up girls???" i screamed and said, "wow you guys actually called us back." Niall nodded his head and lexie was freaking out. then Harry said, "well these girls are quite beautiful don't you think Liam." then Allie screamed a little. then Zayn asked, "how old are you girls?" then i answered, "we're all 17." then I heard Harry say, "wow they're only about one year younger than us." then Niall asked Lexie, "the girl with the purple shirt what's your name?" she then answered, "Alexis or Lexie." he then said, "ok Lexie you seem upset, what's wrong?" we all looked at the ground and she whispered, "well my brother is in the hospital." the boys eyes went wide and Harry asked, "how old is he?" i responded, "six." then Zayn said, "you girls seem really nice, we have to go put I'll tell you are real Skype name." he told us and then they left. we all started to scream.

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