Meant to be

Julie Sicily wanted to become famous, a lot! On her way to accomplish her dream she meets someone very special. They fall for each other step by step. The boys need to help Louis try to get Julie to fall in live with him, read what happens.


2. singing

Julie POV

       I'm 17 right now so I'm in the 12th grade. but on my weekends other restaurants will actually let me perform there for entertainment. its a small job but i love doing it! I don't have many friends that are girls because they get really jealous that i do this and they think I'm a show off. I'm not even trying to show off they just hate me because of my talent, well WTF everyone has there on talents! my parents are divorced to. i live with my mom, Rebecca. everyone just calls her Becky though. my dad is named Dan, but i don't see him anymore, oh well it cant be helped, i have my mom who loves me very much and that's all i need! when i say i don't have any girl friends i was wrong i have my cousins!!! Allie and Lexie! i also have boy cousins to like Austin and Andrew. were all about the same age, only months apart! which is really fun cause us girls understand each other. Allie, Lexie, and my dream is to go onto the X-FACTOR!!! it would be a dream come true if we made it and became famous. but we have to plan everything before we go. we have to save up our money for the hotel costs and food, and even to go onto the X-FACTOR!!! we all save up are allowance and we all have part time jobs, and the best part we're all neighbors!!! i decided that i wanted to go over Lexie's house so i did. i knocked on the door and she answered. i then say, "hey lexie I'm bored at home you want to hang out?" she nodded her quickly and shut the door behind her as we walked over to Allison's house. we knocked on her door and she answered and said yes before we even asked. Lexie loves Niall Horan, i love Louis, and Allie loves Harry. All of our boys are pretty hot though. well even ough Zayn and Liam aren't are favorites, we still love them and they are hot to!!! everyday we practice singing 1 D songs. i think we might sing happily or white lies for when we go to the X-FACTOR. then allie squeels, "ahhhhhh just thinking about going to the X-FACTOR and 1 D gives me goose bumps!!!" we all nodded are heads with a huge smile on our faces.

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