Meant to be

Julie Sicily wanted to become famous, a lot! On her way to accomplish her dream she meets someone very special. They fall for each other step by step. The boys need to help Louis try to get Julie to fall in live with him, read what happens.


5. OMG

After they hung up Lexie was completely happy!!!! she started to jump up and down. since one direction called us back they have are Skype to! after three hours it was like 12:30. then we got a Skype back! it was just Louis, Harry, and Niall. Lexie started to scream again. she then said, "we're one of your biggest fans." then Niall asked, "what is your guys' favs out of the three of us." lexie yelled, "NIALL!!!!" i then blushed and whispered, "Louis." then Allie said quickly, "Harry!" they all laugh at are expression. every girl probably wished they were us. then Louis says, "i wish we could meet you in person." right now we're in ohio so probably not. then Harry said, "yeah but we're in ohio for are concert Louis, i doubt they live here." then Lexie yelled, "we live in medina!!!" then Niall said, "really that's where are concert is at!" we all planned to meet up after the concert! omg am i dreaming???

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