Why Me?

He broke in to my house. I don't know why he choose this house. That's where it all started, with Him. No other than the famous Harry Styles.


4. The Next Day

The next day I woke up to a knock at the door. I quickly walk down the stairs and see Claire laying half way on the couch with some other people that i don't know. I just shake my  head and continue to make my way to the door. When I open it i see an unfamiliar boy standing there. "Hello,my name Is Harry styles and I'm the one who broke into your house last night...sorry" I was furious and I couldnt quite understand why he would come back and tell me who he was most people would just act like it  never happened. So my curiosity took over me and I asked harry this and he replied with "Well my friends and i were playing a crazy game of hide and seek and it got outta hand and someone got mad and decided to call the cops so i kinda had to run somewhere..and this house was the closest i could find with all these damn trees around here. So i just wanted to apologize and tell you that i would replace your window" "Well thank you Mr.Styles! Seems like the least you could do considering I will forever be terrified" "You have a good sense of humor, I like you. Would you let me take you out some times" "um. I just met you and you kinda broke into my house last night" "Well consider this as an 'im sorry' kinda date" "Fine. But you better impress me Mr. Styles" Then he quickly grabbed my phone from my hand and put his number in my phone then called his phone and saved my number. "well i gotta go the boys are waiting in the car" the winked and quickly left. I stepped  back and closed  the door then ran straight up to my room. Walking past the mirror I quickly second glanced at myself and wondered why that hot hunk of tattooed boy would want to take me on a date? Thank god he didn't see Claire or else I wouldn't have got a date. My head Jerked towards my phone when i heard my text tone go off immediately i giggled when i saw the contact name that harry put himself under "Sexy Styles ;)" i shook my head and read the message that said "Friday night, my house. Were something comfy" And then it gave an address. Today is Thursday so today i could just go to town and and pick up a cute but comfortable outfit. I grabbed some panties, a bra, some jeans and a cute t-shirt and went to the bathroom to shower. i put Lana Del Rey west coast on repeat and quickly showered and got out, brushed my teeth, put on deodorant and my clothes and left the bathroom. When I got to my room I went and set at my Vanity station and did my make up and put my hair in a messy bun. I grabbed my keys and purse walked down the stairs, slippedon my shoes and left. 


******* skip the car ride *******


Once i got to the mall i immediately went to Holister and bought a plain white t-shirt and some tan booty shorts that rolled up at the bottom. EEk I'm so excited! Then i went to wet seal and got some tan flip flops that are braided with small bits of different colors .When i got out of wet seal i decided I was hungry so I went to mac donalds on the way home and enjoyed every bit of it! When i got home i couldn't find Claire so i became ticked off and just went to my room to calm down. Shes never home!



* Authors note * 

in this fan fiction the boys are not famous all though they are a rising band just not the way it really happened and not quite as famous.

btw i'm looking for someone to be Louis And Niall's girlfriend so just comment what you look like and who's girlfriend you want to be and I'll pick shortly!

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