Why Me?

He broke in to my house. I don't know why he choose this house. That's where it all started, with Him. No other than the famous Harry Styles.


6. Harry's house

 I had texted Harry and asked him for the address to his house, then noticed that Claire's mom had texted me asking me how me and Claire had been. Claire and her mom don't really get along but Claire doesn't speak to her mom at all, so when her mom wants to know how shes doing she just text me instead. I texted her back saying "I Wouldn't know i haven't seen her for a day or two." Her mom never texted me back so i decided i didn't want to ruin a good day with Claire's  problems and turned my phone off stuffing it into a pocket of my purse and drove off. As i was nearing near Harry's house i noticed that most of the houses around here were huge and elegant. Hmm. Maybe Harry's is like that too? i don't know, but even not it wouldn't matter  cause i lived in a three bedroom apartment. Not that i am complaining  though because i am very blessed. I pulled into Harry's drive way and turned off my car. Oh my gosh his house was huge.. maybe he had someone living with him or it was his moms. I checked my hair and make up in a small compact mirror. I finally worked up the courage to just get out and go in! I walked to the front door and knocked. Some small petite girl answered the door and the first thing i thought was that she was his girlfriend and then a boy walked up behind her, wrapped his hands around waist and pecked her on the cheek. "Niall, i need to let her in" thank god its not Harry's girlfriend. The blonde boy she called Niall stepped back and she did the same then made a gesture that seemed to mean come in. I walked in and saw what seemed to be a sleepy harry. which was so adorable.. Niall walked calmly to the couch where harry was resting and pounced on him causing poor harry to wake up frightened but it was funny. As soon as harry came to and noticed i was there he greeted me with a hi and looked a tad bit embarrassed. "ZAYN, LOU,LIAM COME dOWN" All of a sudden I heard stomping followed by 3 new boys. " It's Zayn" the one with nice hair and tattoos said with a wink. Next to introduce him self was the fucking adorable one with big brown puppy dog eyes "My name is Liam and its nice to meet you and this is lou" he pointed to the boy with stunning eyes and messy brown hair.  I introduced myself and right away they know who i was and why i was here. Or i guess you could say how i ended up here. Harry spoke up and asked if we wanted to watch a movie and we all said yes.. Liam asked harry if we could watch batman or toy story and he just slapped his hands over his face and mumbled a yes to liam whom had started to jump up and down with excitement and niall let out a loud laugh that made you also want to laugh. i was starting to think i could like hanging out with this group they all seemed nice and funny. Oh, and very good looking. Every one had found themselves a comfy spot on the couch except liam who still couldn't decide which of the two movies he wanted to watch, so he spun around and said " Well since taylor is the guest we should let her pick. Which one would you like to watch first tay?" "toy story please i haven't seen it yet" i stated back. He put the movie in and made his way to the couch seating himself by me since it was the only spot open. Zayn on one side and Liam  on the other, great now i'm gonna start feeling insecure. Wait, did Liam call me tay? I think he did... nick names already? gosh that was quick but i liked the new named which i have been called before. Now i need to think of a nick name for him so the next time he calls me tay ill have a nick name to call him.. I was in deep thought until the movie stared  then any thought other than the movie was gone. After that movie Zayn suggested we watch a scary movie and i'm starting to get the feeling hes the bad ass of the group. Niall protested on watching a scary movie but every one else wanted to so he was overruled. We settled on watching the conjuring for the scary movie and i have seen this one but it still scares me every time i watch it . I immediately zoned out when the movie came on but came back when i heard a couple sounds of horror and felt the people next to me jump. Liam quickly turned around and whispered " I k now you don't know me that well but i'm terrified so can you hold me?" He looked at me with those big brown eyes and theres just no way i can say no to a face that adorable. "sure" i said and turned so he could lay his head on my chest while i wrap my arms around him... I liked this. Uh oh, there they were. The feelings would start to come. Liam and i stayed like that for the rest of the movie and i could feel everyones eyes on me. After the movie i was ready to go home so i asked liam to show me where the bathroom was and he walked me to it. After i was done using it he looked at me for a second to long and asked for my number. This was a question that didn't take any time to answer! We exchanged numbers then walked back to the living room. i said my goodbyes to everyone and left out the door with liam following close behind, i didn't think much of it i thought maybe he was going to his car but he followed me to mine. As i was getting in i head him say my name so i turned around and he walked to me. "Hey, i just wanted you to know that i enjoyed you being here tonight and i would really like to hang out with you again" he rushed out. i though he was cute so i told he i would love to hang out with him to so we made plans and he kissed me on my cheek and walked back in. I got in my car a bit shocked and drove home. When i got home i saw that claire still wasn't there so i just went to bed noting that a long talk was needed between us.

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