Liam's Sister

Rosie is Liam payne's sister. When Liam comes back from tour, Rosie sees 4 handsome boys standing right next to him. When Harry plays 5 questions with Rosie, her favorites are zayn and Harry. Zayn and Harry both like her. Who will Rosie fall for? Find out on this movella, Liam's Sister


20. Tweets

Rosie's POV

Well what a day I had at the park! The only thing I loved, was hanging with my brother aka leeyuuum!

Right now, I'm wearing my sweats with a batman shirt on. While looking through twitter. Also, eating Oreos with milk. Ugh there's like a bunch of boring tweets!

I swiped up so the page can refresh. A tweet popped out that caught my eye. I started reading it out loud.

"@niallofficial if only you knew, how much I love you ): @rosiepayne"

*chokes on oreo* HE LOVES ME?!

I wonder what the others tweet... Ugh I can't take it! Curiosity took over me!!!!! I typed in Harry's twitter account.

Harry tweeted, "@harry_styles Im in love with you, and all your little things @rosiepayne" comment.......

Zayn tweeted, "@zaynmalik running after you, is like chasing the clouds @rosiepayne"

Okay Harry's and Zayn's tweet is little things and story of my life.... Let's continue with boobear

"@Louis_Tomlinson I wonder how you feel if I hold you in my arms tight, I wonder what's going thru your mind... I wonder if you love me."


Okay so first, I really thought I love zayn. But now, I can't choose! Ugh! Why do they have to be so adorable, nice lads!

Okay Rosie, all you gotta do is just get this out of your mind.

*breathes in* *breathes out*

Time to play flappy bird!

Authors note;


Speaking of flappy bird, what's your guys' high score? Mine is 19! And I think yesterday or something, I went and typed Niall's and I asked, "Have you played flappy bird?" His answer was, "yes, it makes me want to shoot myself in the face. My high score is three and every time I die, I flip out and stab my home button, because I don't got time for bullshit."

😂😂😂😂😂 omfg I was dying 😂😂😂😂 I just love that little Irish lad

Oh and ITS HARREH'S BIRTHDAY! HE'S 16 NOT 20!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaa well i am so looking forward to detention *note sarcasm* .-.

Well I'll try to update tomorrow! Byeeee (:

-Casey xox

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