Keeping Dauntless Company

June was named for the intensity and heat she brings, Jaws was named for how he constantly spoke no matter the time, and Mercy was named after her compassion. The three were best friends, until the factions shattered under their feet. With nowhere to go, they ran to the Fringe to find a home. That is, until the secrets, the fear, and the rest of the world started to get to them. How long does it take, before the former dauntless teenagers collapse under the weight of the real world?


2. Mercy

I was playing with a boy about my age in the Recklands. The Recklands were where the bombs were dropped during the Pure War. The damage there was terrible, we could see shadows of past people burnt into the dust beneath our feet.

I didn't know why I enjoyed being there so much, in such an eerie area, but I did. It seemed calm and fascinating. My hand skimmed over a broken shell of an old bomb and heard the boy, Link, yell, "Ready or not, here I come!"

I had totally forgotten about the game I was playing. My eyes scanned the open land for a good hiding place. Finally, my eyes settled on a plane. It was old and had obviously crash landed a long time ago, but it looked like a great hiding place.

I tip-toed over to the destroyed metal contraption, and sat down. My eyes looked out the window and I imagined a time when that plane had actually worked. Where it had flown people across country, or across the world. A small smile spread across my face. It all just seemed so magical to me. I had never been flown in a plane before, most people hadn't, but occasionally the government would fly one over our heads to transport goods.

My hand reached up to a thing that looked like a cupboard, and when I opened it, some luggage fell out. However, it didn't look like the kind of luggage used back in the age of that plane. The luggage looked modern, worn down and old, but that's what was modern.

I squinted my eyes suspiciously and looked around the small plane before slowly opening the baggage. Inside lay a gun the size of my forearm, a bar of soap (which I salivated over), and a knife.

I picked up the soap and shoved it in my back pocket. It was too much of a treasure to leave behind. I was about to return to looking out the plane window, when I heard a small noise. The noise sounded like that of a footstep, falling quietly. Behind me.

I jerked around to see a man standing a few feet away from me. He just stood there, staring right at me, or so I assumed given he had a dark hood covering his face. I stumbled towards the exit, hoping he didn't come after me. I reached the door, and just before I dodged out, I saw one last thing that stuck in my mind: the man had a viper tattoo which wrapped up his bicep.

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