Keeping Dauntless Company

June was named for the intensity and heat she brings, Jaws was named for how he constantly spoke no matter the time, and Mercy was named after her compassion. The three were best friends, until the factions shattered under their feet. With nowhere to go, they ran to the Fringe to find a home. That is, until the secrets, the fear, and the rest of the world started to get to them. How long does it take, before the former dauntless teenagers collapse under the weight of the real world?


9. June

I didn't get out of the blast range in time. The fire raged around me, burning everything in it's path. My head ached with excruciating pain, like that of a knife raking down my scalp. I coughed, and coughed. My life was pain, and pain was life.

I scanned what I could of the flames, and found no sign of life. Did the Jackson kid escape? Did he mean for this to happen? My mind couldn't comprehend my thoughts due to the confusing surroundings, so instead, I ran.

When I was younger, I would run long and hard, my legs pumping, my chest burning. It was the perfect pastime for a thrill-seeking Dauntless. That was the closest I ever got to feeling free of the binding world.

Right then, however, I was running for my life, and I felt trapped. The smoke constricted around my lungs, squeezing the air out, and fighting me every step I took. It was so hot, my skin felt as if it was melting, but I was freezing on the inside. I was freezing with the knowledge of my possible death, the fate that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't outrun.

My left foot collided with something lying on the ground and I went flying. My right arm landed under me at an odd angle and I screamed. However, when I looked at what tripped me, the real horror struck.

Jaws lay there, at my feet, bleeding and motionless. His mouth lay open in one last silent scream, and his eyes begged for mercy. The shirt that once covered his scrawny chest had disappeared, and in it's place was a painted picture of a viper coiled, and ready to attack.

"No!" I screamed, and crawled back towards Jaws dead body, "Jaws!" My whole body shuttered with the thought of how he had dies, as I closed his eyes. Forever.

It struck me then that Mercy had been with him, so where was she? "Mercy! Oh, God, Mercy?! Where are you?" I searched for her, as the fire tore around me. I was terrified beyond belief, and my eyes watered with worry for my sister. "Mercy!!!"

Time soon ran out and I knew I had to leave. The only good thing was that I hadn't found her body, void of spirit. I just really hoped she had gotten free of the Hell that burned around me.

My footsteps fell, matching the cracks of the fire as I ran. I kept running even as I got free of the fire. Nothing was stopping me. I needed to find my sister, I needed to forget, I needed to run, but most of all, I needed to be free again.


The end.

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