Keeping Dauntless Company

June was named for the intensity and heat she brings, Jaws was named for how he constantly spoke no matter the time, and Mercy was named after her compassion. The three were best friends, until the factions shattered under their feet. With nowhere to go, they ran to the Fringe to find a home. That is, until the secrets, the fear, and the rest of the world started to get to them. How long does it take, before the former dauntless teenagers collapse under the weight of the real world?


6. June

My feet fell silently on the cracked earth as I followed the echo which had died out minutes before. There was no way of knowing whether the gun shot had ended a life, or had just scared away some crooks. Either way, it wasn't the best situation I could have put myself in at the time.

The clouds made the night sky look purple, and I could taste the future snow in the brisk air. A shiver ran through my body, and I coughed, just once, due to a sniff of smoke. It wasn't much, so I figured it was just some oblivious fool, staying out late and burning cloth. That's what it smelled like at least, cloth.

The road I was following seemed familiar, but I couldn't tell with the purple glow making me disoriented. My feet tangled together, and I fell flat on my nose, causing water to instantly spring into my eyes.

When I was no longer disoriented, I bent at my waist to see what had tangled my feet up. The second I reached what I was looking for, my blood ran cold. My legs were tied up in a wire, but it wasn't any wire, it was a trip wire. The way it felt, taught and thick, it was connected to something. So, if I fought against the wire, something was bound to blow up.

My breathing came rapidly, and my heart beat like that of a racehorse, before its heart burst from stress. I laid back down, afraid if I sat up further, my leg would move and I would end up just a mess of limbs thrown across the dirt. I thought of yelling for help, but I decided against it, knowing whoever set the trap more than likely wasn't far.

My mind raced, trying to find any possibility of escape, but there was none. If I tried to untie myself, there was a chance I would move my legs and get blown to hell. So, I stayed still, waiting for what felt like hours. I felt like a trapped animal, a foot caught in the mouth of it's predator.

Soon, the smoke smell got more defined and I couldn't help myself from coughing. The purple was beginning to be smudged with an orange glow, and I was once again gripped with a paralyzing fear. I had always heard oxygen deprivation was the worst way to go, and I didn't want to figure out if that was just a rumor.

A scream tore from my throat, letting the world know where I was laying. Almost as soon as it cut off, a man, about my age, ran out from between two broken down old buildings. He slid through the dirt, and ended right in front of me.

"Hey." He smiled, "I'm Jackson." He lay there staring at me, and I looked at him, then to my tied feet.

"Hey," I replied, "I don't care. Untie me?" I coughed, loudly, and glanced at the orange glow, slowly growing in intensity.

"Rude." He mumbled, but went to look at my feet, before looking back at me, "You're tied up pretty bad, I can untie one foot, but not the other, it's too knotted. Plus, I'm no boy scout." Before I could give him an answer, he went back to my feet.

I was laying there, watching the orange glow, waiting to be untied. My heart felt as if it would give out, but it was better knowing someone was helping me, and I wasn't alone. "Done!" He yelled, and looked back up to my face. "You can run, your foot is untied. Usually, the trip wires in the Fringe aren't as great as the ones in that city of yours," He nodded in the direction of where the city would be if I walked a few hours, "We don't have the same resources here. So I estimate you'd have an extra five seconds, after you pull the trip wire, before the bomb would be set off. So I sure as hell hope you're a fast runner dauntless." Before I could ask how he knew I was dauntless, he gave me a wink and yelled, "Go!"

He jerked the trip wire so I was loose, and I heard the click, knowing the timer had started. "Are you crazy?!" I yelled, as I scrambled to my feet and bounded maybe five feet away.

"So I've been told." Jackson chuckled before I heard a soft click, the time had run out.

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