Keeping Dauntless Company

June was named for the intensity and heat she brings, Jaws was named for how he constantly spoke no matter the time, and Mercy was named after her compassion. The three were best friends, until the factions shattered under their feet. With nowhere to go, they ran to the Fringe to find a home. That is, until the secrets, the fear, and the rest of the world started to get to them. How long does it take, before the former dauntless teenagers collapse under the weight of the real world?


7. Jaws

I awoke to a loud noise, and the panicked screaming of Mercy. "June's gone! June's gone! Oh, God! Where is she? Where'd she go? Jaws! Jaws! Wake up!" She was shaking me with all her strength.

"Whoa, whoa. Slow down!" I slowly sat up and looked around. The tent looked normal enough, and June wasn't stupid, she would yell if someone had come for her. "Did you see where she went?" I asked Mercy, then realized that was a stupid question to ask. If she knew where June went, then she wouldn't be panicking.

Mercy gave me an annoyed glare before stating, "I'm going to go find her!" She stormed out of the tent without another word. I gave an exasperated sigh before following. June would've killed me if she had figured out I let her go alone.

So with me tailing behind her, Mercy followed where the noise had come from. We both figured that if a noise that threatening sounded at the same time June went missing, it wasn't a coincidence.

We went the whole way in silence, and I slowly realized that the roads towards which we were heading, were the roads that led to the old lady's tent. A shiver went up my spine, recalling the knife protruding from her soft skull.

The closer we got to the tent, the more smoke seemed to fill the air. Soon, Mercy and I were gagging on the terrible taste of burning cloth. I bent over, coughing and fighting for breath. Mercy kept going.

"Mercy, stop!" I yelled after her, "You'll get yourself killed!" However, Mercy seemed to have her ears stuck listening to something else. The more steps I took towards her, the louder the screams were, coming from inside a ball of smoke.

"June!" Mercy screamed, and she plunged face first into the black abyss, with an orange glow.

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