The Meeting

Meeting the boys will change Gracie's life forever. Will it be for good or bad? Will her heart break or will she live happily ever after? Read to find out.


14. The Party

I heard the first knock and ran downstairs to open the door. "KATIE!!!" I yelled hugging her tightly. She was one of my closest friends. Shortly after my other bestest (yes it's a word) friend, Emma, showed up. A ton of my other friends showed up and we partied. I had a dj and a buffet and everyone was dancing. We jumped around and sang. Halfway through the party I was wishing my other best friends were here with me.

I realized I couldn't be selfish I mean they have careers and can't just drop everything for me. I'm sure there was a concert tonight and they'd rock it. My friend bumped into me and got me moving again. I pushed the boys to the back of my head and kept dancing.

Harry's pov:

"Alright, so we're going to go strait out to sing when the next song ends," Liam said. "The song is I would." We would be singing Gracie's favorite song. It was an older one but since it was her birthday it only felt right to sing it.

The boys an I were dressed in jeans and either a black or white shirt. All the boys but me had their hair up in some way. I let my curls fall. It was Gracie's favorite way for me to wear my hair. I couldn't get her out of my head. All I could think about was her. I didn't feel complete when I was away from her and I wondered if she felt that to. I mentally laughed thinking of how RETARTED I am thinking she actually liked me that way. I heard liam say my name and I snapped out of my thoughts. It was time to perform.

Gracie's pov:

All of a sudden I hear the beat to I would. I gasped grabbing Katie's hand and yanking it to the dance area. She was mad at me from taking her from the food, but to be honest I didn't care. She got moving with me and I heard the first words. It sounded weird, as if they were actually singing it. Katie's mouth dropped as she looked to the stage. "Katie hellloooo are ya there?" I asked giggling. "O-o-onnneee!!!" Was all she could get out as she pointed to the stage. When I turned around I instantly saw her loss for words. One direction was right there in front of me. My boys were here.

They finished the song and got off the stage. I ran to them and hugged them each extremely tightly. I got to Harry and he looked at the ground. I hugged him tightly and mumbled into his chest. "Are you gonna hug me or not?" I asked into his shirt. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me nuzzling his face into my neck. I felt so safe and secure. I didn't want to let go but I soon had to when I heard my mom announcing cake.

As I ate my cake niall ran up behind me and took a huge chunk out of it. I have him a disgusted expression and he looked at me and said, "Payback for not giving me goldfish." I laughed, what was I going to do with him.


Hey guys! I'm trying to write longer chapters... Tell me how I'm doing. Sorry I've been gone so long, I've been crammed with exams and last month of school stuff. I'm working on updating longer chapters more often. Tell me what y'all think of the story so far :)

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