The Meeting

Meeting the boys will change Gracie's life forever. Will it be for good or bad? Will her heart break or will she live happily ever after? Read to find out.


22. The Date (part 1)

Gracie's pov

After we got ice cream Harry took me to my moms house. We didn't had beds in the new house so we were all staying at our old houses. I slipped on my pajamas and got in bed with Harry. I cuddled up to him and he wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm gonna miss you," I said. "I'm going to miss you to but we'll talk all the time. I would take you if I could." He said. "I wish I could go but I'm starting college and my job." I sighed. I wish I didn't have to work or go to school. I wish that I could do anything I want but unfortunately life is not that way.

Harry's breathing slowed. I cuddled in and fell asleep soon after him.

Harry's pov

I woke up to gracie laying beside me. Her messy hair fell over her face. Her chest rose and fell slowly. Her eyes fluttered open and her lips tugged up into a smile. "Good morning," she moaned. "Morning," I said. "So what are we gonna do today?" She asked. "Well first I'm going to make you pancakes and then we're going on an all day date!" I replied. "Mmmm pancakes," she said closing her eyes again. I laughed kissing her cheek and getting up. I headed downstairs to make breakfast.

Gracie's pov

I woke up to Harry by my side. "Good morning," I moaned and stretched. "Morning," he smirked. Man I loved his morning voice. He told me the plan for the day and went downstairs to make pancakes. I sat up and put my hair in a bun. I got out of bed and walked downstairs.

I went up behind Harry and hugged him. "Hi!" I said. He turned around and handed me a plate with two huge pancakes. I kissed him on the cheek and walked to the table. "That's all I get?" He asked. I laughed and bit a piece of the pancake.

He started tickling me. "STOP!!" I yelled in the middle of a giggle fit. "Not until you give me a kiss!" He said. "Fine!" I got out inbetween a laugh. I leaned up and kissed him.

Harry's pov

She kissed me but it wasn't just a kiss. It was passionate. Her lips molded perfectly with mine. I had my arms around her waist and she tangled her hands in my hair. I never wanted it to end but soon she broke the kiss. "We have to get ready don't we?" She asked and raised an eyebrow. "Yes I suppose we do." I replied bringing my lips to hers one more time. I would never get tired of this. I broke the kiss this time. "I've got to run to my house and grab some clothes. The first part of our all day date isn't anything fancy so just dress however you want." I told her. I had every detail planned out today. I couldn't wait.

Gracie's pov

Harry left and I headed upstairs. I went straight to my closet. I picked out a pair of jean shorts and a purple tanktop that was loose. I tucked it into my jeans and put on my purple and orange vans. I used my bed head waver to make my hair wavy and applied some clear lipgloss. I only put on mascara. I didn't want to overdo it if it was just a casual date. I grabbed my phone ad a small purse that had a long chain. I slipped in my phone, drivers license and credit card even though Harry wouldn't let me use it.

Just as I got downstairs Harry rang the doorbell. I opened it up and smiled at him. He was wearing cargo shorts and a white tshirt along with some black vans. "You look beautiful!" He exclaimed kissing my cheek. "Why thank you!" I giggled back. I grabbed his hand and we walked to his jeep. I got in on my side and he got in on his.

Once he got in he grabbed my hand and I turned the music up. We jammed out and then you and I came on. I gasped and turned it up louder. He laughed at me. "What? I'm still a CRAZY Directioner!" I yelled over the music. I sang along and so did Harry. When it was over we both laughed. "Your crazy ya know!" Harry laughed. "I know!" I giggled. He made me feel so amazing.

He parked the car and got out. I opened my door and hopped out and walked to the back where Harry had dissapeared to. He grabbed a picnic basket and a blanket. "A picnic!" I gasped. "Yep!" He replied. I had always wanted to go on a picnic but I never made it to it. I took the blanket from him and grabbed his hand. We walked and talked until we found a big tree to sit under. I layed the blanket out and we sat down. "So are ya hungry yet?" Harry asked. "Of course! When am I not hungry?" I answered laughing. "I forget you have nialls stomach!" He replied laughing and opening the basket.

He pulled out chocolate covered strawberries, grapes, ham and cheese sandwhiches, and two bottles of dr. Pepper. We munched on sandwiches and talked about everything from our childhood to our lives now. I told him about my siblings and he talked about Gemma. I could tell he missed his family.

I took a grape out of the bag when it got silent and I threw it at him. He looked up from his sandwich and raised his eyebrows. "So you wanna play that game?" He asked. I just laughed and threw another grape. He picked up a grape and threw it at me. I opened my mouth and caught it. His jaw dropped and he threw another one while I was chewing. It hit my eye and I grabbed it acting like it hurt. "Oh my gosh! Gracie I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" He asked reaching toward me. I looked up at him with a grape in hand. "I'm fine," I said bringing my hand to his cheek. I squished the grape against his face. His jaw dropped. "You little liar!" He said and stood up.

I scrambled to my feet and started running. He grabbed my waist and brought me down. I giggled and rolled over so that I was facing him. I leaned up to kiss him and he shoved a grape in my mouth. I dropped my jaw and spit the grape out. "THAT IS NOT NICE!" I yelled. "Now we're even!" He giggled and brought his lips to mine.

We stayed there for a while looking into each other's eyes. He smiled and butterflies shot through me. I loved this boy and I was going to tell him. "I love you," I said. He smiled even wider. "I love you to," he replied kissing me gently. This day couldn't get any better, or could it?

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