The Meeting

Meeting the boys will change Gracie's life forever. Will it be for good or bad? Will her heart break or will she live happily ever after? Read to find out.


6. Nice to see you again

*4 months later*

Gracie's pov

It had been four months since I first met the boys and we were extremely close. We facetimed almost everyday and we texted all the time.

I felt the buzz of my phone and saw that Louis had sent me a text. I quickly swiped my phone open and read the text.

Louis: Hey Gracie! The boys in I will be in town this weekend and we were wondering if we could hang out!

Me: OF COURSE!!!! I've missed y'all so much!!

Louis: we've missed you to! We'll pick you up Friday at 6:30

Gracie: Great see you then!

I ran into the kitchen and told my mom the boys were coming and they would pick me up on Friday. She agreed to letting me go with them and continued to make dinner.

It was Friday and I could barely sit through class I was so excited. After seventy period I ran outside to my moms car and started smiling from ear to ear.

Once we got home I went straight to my closet. I knew we weren't doing anything fancy so I put on my denim high waisted shorts, a tank top with a black leapord face on it, tucked my shirt in and slipped my black vans on. I flat ironed my hair and pinned half of it up with a black bow. I applied mascara and eyeliner with some red lipstick and waited.

At 6:30 they arrived and I grabbed my phone and my mom gave me $40. I thanked her and hugged her good bye then ran outside. The boys were all standing there and I hugged each and everyone of them tightly. We were off to wherever we were going and I was so excited.

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