When The Lights Went Out

All Lexie could heard were the distant gun shots. All she could do was hope Lauren wasn't in the way of those bullets. Then, " BANG!" One loud gun shot one shot that would change her life forever. Who did this bullet bring into her life, and what secrets does he try so desperately to hide??????


1. What good is a bullet

A/N Hi! So this is my first fanfic and I'm glad you want to read it but there are somethings you need to know 1) all the members of one direction are 16 I know that's not how old they are but oh well 2) I have to give a shoutout to Lallypop she inspired the character Lauren. That's all for now so enjoy:)

I sat there in the dark listening to the distant gunshots. This was the time that people in the city tried to escape their prison of torment. They never made it far though, not before being shot.

My name is Lexie Godefroid I am 16. When I was 13 the world went to hell. I was at school when it happened. It all started with a flickering of lights then the computers all died finally all the power went nothing work out not even batteries.

A few days later me and my family and a friend of mine's family where traveling to New York. Me and my friend Lauren knew that with us dragging down our family they would never make it to New York. There is said to be a safe town there. So we left them I couldn't handle it if I saw one of them die. Who knows where they are now. After wandering for a few days we found this little shed. Well it wasn't really a shed it had two floors with the first being separated into a kitchen and livening room and the second a place to sleep. It wasn't fancy but it kept the wind off our backs.

I sat there thinking of the day we got here, hungry and cold, when BANG!!!! The sound of a gunshot and really close. Then I heard a yell it had a strange sound to it like maybe an accent, but it didn't matter some one was hurt out there. Then I thought that maybe who ever was out there is dead. NO!! It didn't matter someone needed help and I couldn't take the chance of letting them die a slow death. I walked to the door and look up at the sky seeing the moon was at the highest point I realised that Lauren would be back soon. But it didn't matter she could wait. I walked out and as quietly as humanly possible I made my way to the woods.

When I got there I. Heard something, like a moaning. I followed that it was the only thing to go off of. When the sound was as loud as possible I had arrived at a ditch and in the ditch I saw a strange shape on the ground. I walked toward it, staying low to the ground trying not to be spotted. When I was closer I saw that laying there in a pool his own blood was...

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