When The Lights Went Out

All Lexie could heard were the distant gun shots. All she could do was hope Lauren wasn't in the way of those bullets. Then, " BANG!" One loud gun shot one shot that would change her life forever. Who did this bullet bring into her life, and what secrets does he try so desperately to hide??????


16. Recovery

A/N: Hi peeps! So I have a challenge for all of you and I want to see what will happen, so a friend of mine, Lallypop, challenged her readers to get 30 likes. So I want to see how fast we can get 30 likes it took her one month so at the end of February I would love to see 30 likes. If you can make that happen then I will reward you with either chapters updated more often, I will read peoples movellas(I will do it anyway), or a contest to add someone into the story in the next book. So onto the story.

I sat there outside of the room Harry was in trying to figure everything out. It's been three days since the ordeal with the dogs and everyone had made themselves at home in the house Niall found, but I can't help but worry. I have assumed that if not everyone, Lexie has noticed I've been avoiding everyone. I can help but feel like if I don't make up my mind I will explode.

"Hey Lallypop." I looked up to see Lexie standing at the end of the hall. The lower half of her right arm bandaged up.

"Hey Lex. What are you doing here?" I said looking back at the floor. I heard her come and sit down by me.

"I don't know. I was bored and decided to look around."

"I know that not true," I say looking up at her

"What? Having your doubts about me now?"

"No it's not that."

We just sat there in silence for what felt like years, but the she said, "hey I brought this for Harry since you aren't in the room I guess he hasn't woken up so could you give it to him. Louis found it on a scouting trip." She held up an old shirt it looked Harry's size bit I couldn't tell.

"Found it or took it?"

"I didn't ask. I really don't care it's all they brought back so who cares no one will miss one shirt." I took the shirt and looked at it. When I looked up Lexie had left. The cheat she never plays fair especially when she knows what she's doing is right. I guess I have no choice now I have to go in there. God help me.

I walked into the room there was an old chair by the bed and a table. It almost seemed like a normal room on a normal day. A roomed that you could turn the lights on sit on your bed and text friends. That was if you didn't pay attention to Harry. He laid on the bed muscles tensed and ranches in sweat. I made my heart shatter to see him this way. I hated this room and everything about it, but I didn't have the heart to leave him like this. That and my leg hurt. The scratches that I got weren't the worst injury but they still hurt. I sat down in the chair and felt fatigue take over. I hadn't slept very good lately and before I knew it I was asleep.

I had nightmares the whole time I slept. When I woke up I was curled up in the chair holding on to a very familiar hand. I looked up and Harry was staring down at me from the bed. It caught me so off guard that I jumped back and when I did the chair fell back and so did I. I landed flat on my back and just layer there my cheeks got really hot and I felt like a total idiot.

"You all right?" Harry asked.

"Ya unless you count totally embarrassed as not all right," I said sitting up. I looked up at him he was still sitting on the bed. Which made sense since he couldn't stand let alone walk over to help me.

"So how long was I out?"

"A good three days." I walked over and sat next to him on the bed. I was still blushing and sitting next to him made me think of the night he kissed me which made me blush even more.

"Are you sure your ok you as red as a firetruck."

I couldn't help it started blushing even more I hate when I get this way soon I start giggling for no reason. Why can't some one just walk in to the awkwardness can end. "Lauren?"

"Oh right! Ya I'm fine," I said. I was really starting to run out of things to say and he was looking more and more confused.

"Um I got a question for you Lauren." I looked at surprised. He was staring off into space. I wasn't sure how to respond no one ever asked me anything of real importance.

"Ask away I guess."

He looked me directly in the eyes with a sort of sad expression, "I was wondering if there was a reason you came to, you know, see me." He looked away, "I mean after that night it kind of seems like... I don't know... Like you hate me."

I pulled my feet up on the bed and rest my head on my knees. "I don't hate you ok. It's just I don't really know how to ack around you anymore. I guess I just never thought that you would like me." I looked over at him and he was smiling. That must have been an ok answer. "And to answer our earlier question Lexie told me to bring you this," I grabbed the fresh shirt off the table, "Your other one got ruined for... Um... Necessary reasons." I couldn't tell him what really happened it was too embarrassing.

"Ok," he said taking the shirt. "Mind if I.."

"No um go ahead." I was starting to blush again. Why can't I just act normal around him.

When he took off his shirt my heart stopped. Why? Why? Why? I am gonna die. I could see the outline of his muscles. They appeared more defined. I couldn't breath. I looked away what's the point in looking if it kills me.

I must have been blushing because Harry had moved to sit right behind me and whispered into my ear, "What can't handle all this."

I just turned around really slowly. I was irritated as hell. "What?" He asked completely oblivious.

"You are an idiot."

"Seriously what did I do?"

"Could you just not be sarcastic with everything."He just stopped talking and looked down. "Great now what did I do?"

"Nothing it's just I was thinking about that night."

"Oh! Um..."

"I was just wondering if you.... Um..... Felt the same?"

I wasn't expecting this, "Um...I.....um."

"I get it." He looked utterly miserable.

"It's not that I just.... Um.... *sigh* it's just that I can't make up my mind."

Harry started blushing and moved close enough to were our noses nearly touched. "Will this help you make a decision?" He leaned on and kissed me, but this time I didn't hesitate and didn't pull away. I simply kissed him back. Although it must have only been seconds, those few moments seemed to last forever, and I enjoyed very minute of it. He was the one who stopped it. "How about know?" He asked still close to me.

"Boyfriend, defiantly boyfriend." I said smiling.

2 Days Later

It's been two days with Niall and Maddy and they already have brought the group closer. Harry has gotten better and was walking, but Lexie being the major medic has told Harry to rest but of course he does listen and today Lexie snapped.

"Harold Edward Styles! Sit down or I will personally drag you outside and put back in that bear trap and watch you struggle." Everyone just stared including me.

"Listen to her," I heard Louis whisper. Harry made his way to a chair and sat down.

Zayn walked over to Lexie and put his arm around her, "you can be quite scary when you want to be."

Lexie crossed her arms and just said, "Thats the whole point."

Everyone laughed. We sat around talking for a couple of hours then Lexie invited me to come for a walk. Of course I said yes not because I was afraid of Lexie but because I needed to talk to her.

After a couple of minutes Lexie asked, "Ssssssooooo you and Harry. How's that going?"

"What did he say," I questioned.

"Nothing, nothing. It's just I see the way you look at him and you know. You look like you just woke up from a dream of heaven."

"Nothing is going on."

"Yes there is."

"No there isn't."






"Fine! I give up. I like him ok? Us that such a crime?"

"Knew it!" She said triumphantly.

She moved on to another subject to keep things from getting awkward, and we talked for a while till we heard a whimpering in the bushes.

"What the hell was that?" She asked a little taken off guard.

"I don't know but let's find out I stated walking toward the sound, Lexie trailing close behind.

When we got to the noise I pulled back some bushes to find a little chocolate lab puppy cowering away from me. She looked about 10 moths old and was decently fed so she must have gotten lost recently, but knowing the world we're in no one was looking for her. "Hey Lex! Come here!" I yelled back to her.

Lexie made here way to the bush and positioned herself so she could see. "A dog?"

"Ya isn't she cute? We should take her back with us!" I said thrilled to see something so innocent.

"I don't think that's a good idea."

"Why not?"

"It's another mouth to feed, it getting close to fall and that means food will be scarce, and.."

I had to stop her there, "Ok I get it, but just look at her she is so cute and helpless please Lexie you know how bad I want this." I said pulling onto her sleeve.

"Fine," she said rolling her eyes, "but you are getting it out from under there." Guilt trip. Always works.

After a little bit of sweet talking I finally got the dog to trust me. We headed back and when we got there and the others found out it was a little chaotic. Some people wanted the dog others didn't. Then Lexie, having snapped again, yelled, "That's it! Shut up and listen." Everyone did so even Bella. Yes that is what I named her. "Ok that's think about this the dog can be a good thing for example a look out, a hunter. Who knows? But it can also be a bad thing. For example it could give us away, attack someone. So given the info who for the dog staying?" Me, Grace, and Niall rises our hands. "Against?" Everyone else raised there hand.

"Aaaawww come on please guys. She could be useful." I bugged looking right at Harry.

He looked up at Lexie and said, "I'm can I change my vote."

"Fine." She sighed.

Then Zayn spoke up, "All right I'm with Lauren let's keep it. Come on Lex."

She just smiled. "Lauren you have a sliver tongue. All right the votes favour the dog staying." Everyone seemed ok with it. Some of us were a little annoyed *cough, cough* Louis. But it was all was all good. So Harry and me were together and I got a dog. Cool.

"Ow!" I looked over at Harry and Bella was chewing on his pants she is so cute.

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