When The Lights Went Out

All Lexie could heard were the distant gun shots. All she could do was hope Lauren wasn't in the way of those bullets. Then, " BANG!" One loud gun shot one shot that would change her life forever. Who did this bullet bring into her life, and what secrets does he try so desperately to hide??????


11. A life saved and something gained

A/N: hello peoples!!!! I have a friend that has just wrote a movella and was hoping you could check it out. Her story is called captured. PS we are having a reads race so please advertise like crazy.

We knelt there not knowing what she meant or what she wanted. She smirked and walked over to Zayn first. She stood there staring down at him then she reached down to her boot and drew out a little hunting knife. Zayn started struggling in his bonds to get free. Grace walked around to the back of Zayn causing him to panic even more. Then to all of our surprised she took the knife and cut the ropes tied around Zayn's hands. He, having not been prepared for that, fell pretty much flat on his face. Grace just giggled and moved on to Lexie and Lauren. By the time she got to me there was a pissed off Zayn and a suspicious Lauren and Lexie to deal with. She cut me free and I scrambled to join the others. We all had no idea what to do, do we run? Do we stay? None of us had any idea. Then Grace spoke her voice filled with a kind if mockery that only a child would have, "You know it is sad watching you all stand here terrified and helpless, and I thought I could use you to get out of this hell hole. Oh well."

"What the hell do you want," Zayn said with a type of confidence in his voice I had never heard before from him before. Obviously trying to impress Lexie. "What do you mean 'use us.'"

"Just like I said pretty boy. I want your help to leave here 'cause you see I am the glorious daughter of the leader here and blah blah blah. But turns out I sucks here. It always hot and the only people who come here are here to be killed. I can't have a good friend for 10 minutes before someone dies. Any way I will help you get out of here if you promise to take me with you." She said studying her nails.

I looked over to see Zayn actually thinking about her proposal. I couldn't let him do it she obviously couldn't be trusted, "Ya, no sweet heart that ain't happening. You can just turn around and scurry on back to daddy because we got our own problems to deal with."

"Ok and on my way I will tell everyone I see that the prisoners escaped and we will see how that goes. K? K have fun 'sweetheart.'"

"WAIT!" I turned expecting to see that Zayn had said those words but really it was Lexie. "Come on guys let's think about this 1) she save out asses 2) we have no real reason to not trust her. Come on think it over. We will gain a trained bandit that's something at least." God I hate when people sound more right than me.

"Fine. But one sign of trouble and she is dead meat," Zayn said his body still tensed.

"Well Lex you got us stuck asshole 1 and 2 so what's 3 gonna do?" Was everyone with Lexie on this I mean really are we just going to let her come with us? Then every single one of them looked right at me. What was I suppose to do say ' screw you I am outta here'? That would have been suicide.

"Fine but if anything goes wrong just remember I told you so."

"Good now that that's taken care of follow me." Lexie started walking first obviously she was going to be more trouble than she was worth, but hey Zayn liked her so I guess I got to put up with it for now. Eventually we all made it away from the camp. Only thing was that it was really easy maybe even too easy. We followed grace till I heard something. It wouldn't have been an issue if it hadn't been for sassy leading the way. Then I heard it again and I could tell Zayn heard it too. He bent over and whispered something in Lexie's ear, and she froze dead in her tracks. Grace looked back at her but by then it was too late. Our pursers had shown themselves. We had been followed by more bandits.

They all lunged for us I dodged out of the way of the first attacker when if heard Zayn yell, "IF YOU GET OUT RUN!" I saw Lexie make it out and I wasn't far behind when we all got out and regrouped I noticed that we were one short. Lauren!

"Guys where did Lauren go!"

"I thought she made it out," Lexie said she looked utterly terrified for her friend's safety.

"Guys we don't have the time or supplies to go back and look for her," Grace said continuing to be the utter asshole she had been.

"Come on we have to go back. W-we can't just leave her. Please we have to go back. What if they got her?what if she's hurt?" I was panicking and I had no idea why I never thought I would feel like this about anyone, especially not Lauren.

"What's gotten into you? 5 minutes ago you couldn't care about what happened to her." Zayn said.

"Well things change," I argued.

"Doesn't matter if we go back then you can say good bye to your life and her's. There is no way she will be alive for much longer anyway. It's almost midnight and that's when she will be killed. No question about it," Grace said. I heard a little squeak of fear come from Lexie. I wasn't about to let Lauren be ruthlessly murder.

"Where would they take her for this?"

"The cliff over there," Grace cocked her head toward a very tall cliff in the distance. It was about walking distance, but it was still far. "They pretty much throw their prisoners off the cliff to their doom. Nice right?" And at that moment I snapped. How could she joke about the life of a human being? I lunged at her and she did exactly what I hoped for. She pulled out the little hunting knife. I grabbed on to it feeling the blade slicing open my palm. I was able to some how tear the knife out of her hand, and as soon as I had a firm grip on it I turned and ran I could hear Zayn shouting after me but I didn't want to listen all I could thing about was Lauren, for some reason. I ran till Zayn's shouts died away as he have up the chase and I kept going.

Soon I got to the cliff that Grace had pointed out I saw guards, about five of them, all armed to their necks with weapons. But for once in my life could couldn't care less. I, knowing that thinking about too much would scare me out of it, charged towards them and like a pack of wolfs they all ran towards he weapons in hand. They had swords and machetes and all I had was I little knife and a cut hand. But screw it Lauren's life at the moment was more important than mine.

Thanks to some godly power I some how made it passed the guards they had all started going for my neck and chest when we collided and some how I made it passed with just a cut leg and an arm cut up to the point it was pretty much useless to me. But I still had a guard on my heels the others had stayed back due to an order given. I made it to Lauren just in time to cut the ropes that were tied around her wrists she was able to turn around and I could have seen our escape it was so close, but then I felt a large object hit my side causing me to me to crash into Lauren and feel her fall right out from under me. I hit the ground with the guard on top of me. He was raising a sword that could have easily slit my throat if I hadn't been as quick as I was. I was able to grab the knife that had been knocked out of my had we the guard ran into me, and stabbed him directly in the chest. He fell off me dead.

I ran to to the edge of the cliff to see that Lauren had grabbed onto a rock that was jutting out of cliff side. "Lauren grab my hand!" I said reaching down my uninjured arm.

"No! You'll just drop me I can do it myself," and then she did the dumbest thing in the history of stupidity. She tried to pull herself up only to loosen the rock and cause it to gave away and Lauren to fall. I instantly swung my hand down so it would make contact with her's and when it did I held on tight. Breathing hard, she looked up at me with a scared helplessness in her eyes.

"Lauren I will never ever let anything hurt you. I promise, you can trust me." I pulled her up out of the ravine. When I did she fell on top of me and for the first time since we meant I got a real good look at her eyes. They were a chocolate brown and on a night like tonight they reflect the stars in the sky. I felt my heart begin to beat faster and I couldn't stop myself from pulling her into a kiss.

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