I Miss Her

Prim's point of view for book two.


1. Not Again

They announced the 'special' quality of the Quarter Quell today. I watched the President's speech nervously. Katniss thinks I don't know about her dispute with the Capitol, but I do. I've overheard her at least ten times, and I was worried that the President would you use the Quarter Quell to get at her in some way. It's almost sad to think how right I was. Katniss is going back into the arena.


The quality if the 75th Hunger Games was that the tributes would be picked from the pool of victors, and since Katniss is the only female District 12 who's ever won, there's no chance of her escaping Effie's claw-like fingers. She thinks Peeta will volunteer to go in with her, whether he or Haymitch gets picked. It's because they are madly in love with each other, or so they say, but I know that Katniss' true love is Gale. I wanted to see what she did on her 'walks' all day, so I followed her, she went through the supposedly electrecuted fence and into the forest. She went hunting with Gale. And they kissed. I watched it. Now I know what it feels like to be an onlooker, watching the sparks of a rebellion catch on the wood of the districts. Soon there will be war, I'm sure of it.

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