And The Award Goes to...

I'm welcoming you guys in to my dreams. This particular string of dreams are a story line about a friends quarrel, betrayal, and secrets. These aren't just words for a fan fiction...they're my dreams of the future! Enjoy!


3. What In The World?

~Niall's Pov~

I stand and stare at them for a moment before finding the right words to say. "What in the name of baby Jesus is happening in here!" I abruptly proclaim. I just couldn't believe Liam's actions. I thought he was me brother. I trusted him... And why would he ruin our friendship for Ebby?

She's not even worth it....after what she's done. Don't even get me started on her poor friend whose head over heels for me. What kind of friend is she? She knows how I feel about her.... Why would she bring Liam into this?

She knows how I love her laugh, smile, voice, personality, and the feel of her arms wrapped around me when we hugged. Her warmth and... Wait... I can't think about this right now. I can't think about her.

I have to think about why they haven't answered my question yet... Why they're hesitating... 
Then, Liam finally speaks up and says, "It's my fault Niall. I just when with impulse and...." 

I stopped him in mid sentence to wave it off and let it go. Until I start to get heated and scream, "BUT OF ALL PEOPLE...WHY HER? SHE'S NOT EVEN WORTH LOSING A FRIEND OVER! SHE'S A HORRIBLE FRIEND TO THE ONES WHO TRUST HER ANYWAYS!" 

Then I see the tears stream down Ebby's face... And I'm brought back to earlier that day. I feel like a huge jerk. Why did I have to scream such rude comments. Liam then gives me a look of disapproval and I rush to get as far away from them as possible.

~Ebby's Pov~

Why did Niall say those things about me? I mean I saw the hurt in his eyes when he walk in... And it was the same hurt I saw during INFINITY's performance.

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