And The Award Goes to...

I'm welcoming you guys in to my dreams. This particular string of dreams are a story line about a friends quarrel, betrayal, and secrets. These aren't just words for a fan fiction...they're my dreams of the future! Enjoy!


2. What Have I Done

~Ebby Blue's Pov~

We performed a heartbreaking performance of "SAVIOR." At the end of which, I glance at Niall and I can see the hurt in his face. I suddenly break down in tears at the end of the performance. He sees and can't turn away.

Justin also witnesses my emotional break down. He comes back stage to help Gigi, Kat, and Nicole comfort me on a subject they still know nothing about (due to the fact that Kat would never talk to me again and would be left heartbroken).

I love them too much to reveal the my wrong doings. Then, in comes One Direction but not fully because Niall isn't there. I can tell they know and they are just as confused as Niall. Maybe even just as mad.

I decide the only boy I could probably get through to at the moment was Liam. He was my only hope ate the moment to patch up my friendship with Niall. Besides, I really just needed to talk about it with.


~Liam's Pov~

I am so furious with Ebby at the moment I can't help but show my fury. She looks at the boys silently asking us where Niall is. I can't help but to notice how the other girls and Justin have not affected by our presence. Right when it dawns on me, I see her giving me an intense look.

"Can I have a quick chat with you Liam? If you don't mind," she asked still a bit choked up.

"Sure love," I quickly reply before thinking. Where the hell did that impulse come from.

She pulls me into an empty dressing room.

"What in the world are we doing here?" I questioned.

"I need you to hear my side of the argument," she explains.

"Why did you choose me!" I ask a little too loudly.

"You seemed like the most likely to listen at this time, Liam."

She explains to me why she asked Niall to come over, everything in between, and up until she broke down after the performance. She seemed so sincere that I couldn't help but feel bad for her.


~Niall's Pov~

I realize I should have just confronted the issue by going backstage with the boys. I just couldn't help but feel like the worst person on earth. If you could've seen her face... It made me realize I was in the wrong in the situation.

By the time I get to the boys they're already in the mist of a conversation. I interrupted, "Where's Ebby and Liam?" They tell me how Ebby broke down and needed to have a private conversation with Liam. I knew what was going on as soon as I got outside the room.


~Liam's Pov~

I'm still so confused on how Niall reacted to her resistance. That doesn't sound like Niall. He's way more understanding than that. Would he do that? Would he not take a moment to hear her out like that?

"Liam? Are you okay?"

Realizing I'm in deep thought I quickly snap out of it and reply, " Just peachy."

"Do you understand my side of the story?" She asks in a hushed tone.

"I really don't know what to believe," I reply letting out a faint little laugh.

That seems to satisfy her. She start to leave. As she stands the door, I pull her back and wrap my arms around her waist. She giggles and asks, " What are doing?" I bend down and kiss her and she kisses back. We stand there making out for minutes. With that Niall walks in.

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