And The Award Goes to...

I'm welcoming you guys in to my dreams. This particular string of dreams are a story line about a friends quarrel, betrayal, and secrets. These aren't just words for a fan fiction...they're my dreams of the future! Enjoy!


4. The Revelation

~Liam's Pov~

What am I to do with Niall. His attitude towards Ebby will not cut it. Besides from what Ebby has told me.... He has deep feelings for her. I feel so bad. I would leave to apologize, but who would I be if I left Ebby here sobbing her pretty little eyes out?

I know Niall dislikes his feelings towards her. Niall needs to be more empathetic. Unless he seriously would not even care, if we had a liking to someone in love with him...

I would never ruin our friendship over a girl. The thing is Ebby isn't just any girl; She's the girl I love. People do stupid things for love...

~Ebby's Pov~

My day isn't getting better! I am head over heals for Liam but I can't deny my feelings for Niall. I am the worst liar in the world. I know Niall knows too. Ugh...

I am still in shock from what Niall said to Liam. Niall is probably just temporarily angry. I hope...

"Liam?" I ask shyly.

"Yeah" he says a little too calmly.

"Do you agree with Niall? Am I as bad as he said? Am I a horrible friend?" I stop before my questions start to pile up to much.

"No babe" He says exhaustively.

Babe? He's calling me babe? I can't handle this. Every time I just want to talk it turns into something more.

"I um... have to... um...go..." I say awkwardly.

I leave without giving him time to reply. I can't deal with guys today. I should just tell Justin. He's my best friend after all.

By the time I turn the corner I feel the tears fall. Why am I crying? I have nothing to cry about. I try to stop them, control them. It's not working. The more I try... The harder they fall.

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