Definantly Sinking

Quincey is a young girl who no one understands. To everyone she is the girl who cant even manage to kill herself. Quincey's brother Shaun is her main source of pain. Quincey is determined not to fail leaving this world, but all the sudden she has something to live for...or so she thought.


2. Rope

I ran as fast as i could home. I hated my life. I hated myself. I hated him. I hated everything. What was the point of my life.

Nothing. There was no point.

I got home. I ran into my room. Frantically looked under my bed for my rope. I always had rope under my bed. Just in case it was so much harder to live in this world then leave it. I grabbed it. I knew this is what i wanted. This time i wouldn't fail. I was sure of it. I wanted to be dead. I wanted to be free. I will not get raped by my own brother again.

I ran into the bathroom, slammed the door shut, and pulled off the shower curtains. I then tied a noose around the bar that held the curtains. I stood up on the side of the tub. I put my head through the hole. I smiled. "Finally" i thought. I was happy. Happy i would be free. I was about to step of the side of the tube when i heard a frantic call. "Quincey!!!!!" It was my dad, i forgot all about him.

I stepped of the side of the tub hoping i would be dead by the time he came in. It hurt, but i like that pain, it will be the last pain i have. It was so tight. My head and face burned. I was starting to lose vision when i saw the bathroom door fall to the floor as my dad came charging in.

I blacked out.

I woke up in a hospital with many needles and wires taped and poked into me. I realized. Im alive. I started cry. I have failed killing myself 5 times know. I turned on the side of my body to get comfortable and saw my dad. Sitting in a light blue chair on the side of my hospital bed.

I could tell he has been crying. I didn't care. He ruined my chance to run away from all of my problems. "Why." I said. He looked at me "Why!!!" I yelled tears falling from my eyes. "Because i love you" he replied. "The only time you tell me you love me is when I'm here. In this..." I paused "...mental hospital".

My dad secretly hated me. I was to much trouble and effort. He sat in that chair for about 15 more awkwardly silent minutes. Then got up and walked away. I cried some more. I needed to release my anger. My pain. My sorrow. I looked around the hospital room for something sharp. Then it hit me. There was a needle in me for an IV due to the lack of food and water i had because of my bulimia. I yanked the needle out.

I started to stab myself in the forearm with the needle. I bleed a lot. I like it. I got a brilliant idea. I took the needle with my good arm and brought it up to my neck were you could still see my rope burn. I motioned my arm holding the needle to my neck, but a huge wave of nurses rushed in and grabbed a hold of my arm...the arm with the needle.

I fought. I pushed and punched them as violently as i could. All i needed to do was puncture my Jugular and thats it. I could be free. As i was struggling to get the needle in my neck, i saw another nurse bring up a shot. Stab it into my arm. And i was out cold.

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