(Ok this is my first movella so....) Natalie and Abby get into a fight but what will happen when one direction comes and brakes up the fight? Will things happen for Natalie and Abby? Will love and lust get in the way of friend ship?


5. one direction

Nat's pov:

Harry and Zayn. Omg. What do you say in situations like this? I was freaking out. "Umm" was all I could say. "ALL YOUR GOING TO SAY IS 'UMM'!!!" Harry yelled. "Well what am I going to say! She can't talk to me like that, I mean really!?! She was looking for a beating!" Did I really just yell that in Harry and Zayn's faces. Yeah I did cause next thing I know they start yelling at me. I got off the ground and was standing up with my arms crossed over my chest. After the lecher Zayn said "well at least go say something to that girl." He checked his phone, "c'mon the lads are waiting for us at the hospital." After Zayn said that Harry grabbed my hand and led me the car. He opens the car door for me and I got in and because i was in the backseat Zayn drove and Harry was in the passenger seat. Zayn started to drive and after 5 minutes it was to awkward so Harry spoke. "So umm we didn't get your name, love." "Natalie but call me Nat." I said "oh, ok." This was SOO awkward it was funny. The hospital was 20 minutes aways so for the next 20 minutes I was looking out the window. The car stopped and Harry turned in his seat so he could see me."we'er here" He said "I would have never thought." I said (note the sarcasm) he just rolled his eyes. We walked to the doors and Zayn opened the door for me. "Thanks" I mumbled. Ok so you might be thinking I'm not in the best mood even though I meet Harry and Zayn but I just don't know how I'm going explain this Abby's parents and my mom. We walked in and I stopped and felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Zayn looking at me. "Hay I'll be all right." He told me. Harry walked up to the front desk and asked the person working there which room Abby was in. I heard him mumble something and nod his head. He walked back to us and she was in room 31 on floor 3. We walked to her room and just as I was going to walk in I looked through the window and realized that the rest of one direction was in that room. Oh. My. God. I opened the door and walked in. Niall, Liam and Louis were staring at me. I found a seat and sat down, Zayn said "lads this is Nat and … yeah." They said hi and I was frozen. Oh god. One direction is right in front of me. Shit. Then I slowly looked up at Abby. She was the the bed, she had bruises and cuts on her face. She also had a cast of some sort on her nose. I broke her nose and cut up her face. Abby looked at me and if looks could kill I would be dead.


Sooooo how was everyone's thanksgiving??? Idek but Nat meet one direction!!! Next chapter will be up later today or tomorrow -ily

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