(Ok this is my first movella so....) Natalie and Abby get into a fight but what will happen when one direction comes and brakes up the fight? Will things happen for Natalie and Abby? Will love and lust get in the way of friend ship?


6. Abby

Nats pov

So I was looking at Abby. We didn't say anything but I could tell she wanted to kill me. I looked at Liam and asked "so … when can she get out of the hospital?" Liam looked at me and said "when ever she wants." Let's go now!!" Abby said. Abby got up and garbed her things. She looked at me then at the boys. The boys looked at me like I was responsible for her. I put my hands up and said "don't look at me! I'll just kill her if I need to take her home." I stopes talking to find the words in my head, "the next fight will be the last for Abby" then I looked at her. Fear was written all over her face. "Ok umm, Niall you can take Nat home and the rest of us cat take Abby home." "Ok, fine" I say. I look at Niall, he looked at me and smiled. After some minutes we were in the parking lot of the hospital. Niall led me to his car and opens the passenger seat door for me. I slide in and Niall closes the door for me. He walked to the other side of the car and opens his door then hops in. He starts his car and turns to me. "So just you and me!" He says "yep." I say back. The car ride was full of talking and joking. After 20 minutes we arrive at my hours. I hop out and thank Niall for the ride. "No problem!" He says. I smile and start to walk away from the car to my house. "Nat!" Niall calls. Turn and walk back to the car. "Yeah?" I ask. "Umm c-can I get your number? We should hang out some time." He shutters. Hold on! Did Niall Horan just ask for my number?!?! OMFG?!? Ok ok chill Nat. I smile "yeah!" I reply. I put my number into his phone and he did the same for me. "Thanks, let's hang out some time?" He asks OMG "yeah, I would like that." I say back. he smiles "great!" "Bye! I say to him. He says bye and I walk up to my house and walk in. I run past my mum and up to my room. I flop onto my bed and just think about Niall.


So do you guys ship niall and nat??? I do!!

But let's see what happens

I'll post the next chapter tomorrow or some time idk schools a fucker


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